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Top 7 Easiest Weed to Grow: List by AskGrowers

Easy Weed Growing
Experts Give Their Two-Scents on Easy Weed Growing.
Easy Weed Growing
Experts Give Their Two-Scents on Easy Weed Growing.

Here’s the truth about growing weed: it can be extremely demanding, especially if you choose tough-to-care-for hybrids. Can it be made easier? Read more from the experts

Growing your cannabis is the most rewarding way to enjoy all the benefits of cannabis, but some varieties of weed can be harder to cultivate than others. Whether you’re just starting as a home grower or have more experience, you want your efforts to pay off with a successful harvest that yields good results.

AskGrowers has compiled a list of the top 7 marijuana seeds for beginners. If you’re looking for simple cultivation without sacrificing quality, look no further. Prepare yourself to reap bountiful harvests with our preferred strains selected for their proven ability to deliver consistent and reliable results time after time.

Church Og Autoflower Seeds

Church Og Autoflower Seeds are a great choice for those looking to produce large amounts of CBD-rich cannabis quickly and easily. The strain is derived from the original Church Og indica dominant hybrid, which contains a high concentration of CBD. The Autoflower version has been crossbred with Ruderalis to create a strain that flowers automatically. It requires no particular light cycle and is ready for harvest in as little as 8-10 weeks from germination.

The buds produced by Church Og Autoflower Seeds are dense and resinous with strong earthy, skunky aromas. The flavor is sweet and sour with hints of citrus and pine. It has a well-balanced effect that is relaxing but not debilitating, making this strain suitable for medicinal and recreational use.

Green Dream Autoflower Seeds

Green dream seeds are specially designed with your success in mind hence they make the best marijuana seeds for beginners. They provide you with an easy-to-care-for and dependable crop that requires minimal effort. Green Dream Autoflower Seeds boast a short flowering time of 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest, making them perfect for beginner growers who want to get started quickly. With their superior genetics, these seeds produce some of the most potent buds available on the market.

Green Dream Seeds offers various strain varieties that please any cannabis connoisseur. Whether looking for an Indica-dominant hybrid or pure sativa, you’ll find the perfect strain for your needs. These seeds are a great option for the beginner grower as they come with detailed instructions on how to germinate and care for them properly.

Watermelon Og Autoflower Seeds

Watermelon Og is easy to cultivate and highly forgiving, making it a great option for those starting. The seeds produce incredibly high THC content buds and offer an intense, sweet watermelon flavor profile. Experienced growers will also enjoy the yields and vigor of Watermelon Og Autoflower Seeds.

These plants grow to a medium height, with beautiful emerald green leaves contrasting nicely against vibrant pink buds. The aroma is sweet and fruity, reminiscent of watermelon gumdrops.

The effects are powerfully cerebral and perfectly balanced by a wonderfully relaxing body high. This strain is ideal for evening use, as it can exhaust the body and put the mind at ease. According to https://askgrowers.com/seeds/for-beginners they’re easy to cultivate, produce strong yields, and pack an intense flavor profile that will tantalize your taste buds.

Triple Diesel Autoflower Seeds

Triple Diesel Autoflower Seeds have been specifically bred to produce a robust and high-yielding crop with minimal effort. They are also easy to grow, making them an ideal choice for those without experience growing cannabis. Furthermore, Triple Diesel Autoflower Seeds require very little maintenance beyond basic watering and fertilization, making them a great choice for those looking to start their cannabis grow operation.

These seeds have been carefully bred to produce buds that have an intense flavor and aroma and potent effects when used medically or recreationally. The fast-flowering capabilities of these seeds make them a great option for beginner grower who wants to get their first harvest quickly. In addition, the plants are highly resistant to pests and mold, making them a great choice for growers in indoor and outdoor environments.

Also, they are a great choice for those who want to start with cannabis growing on a budget. The cost of these seeds is lower than other varieties, making them an affordable option for those new to cannabis cultivation.

Amnesia Blue Head Band Feminized Seeds

Amnesia Blue Head Band produces hardy plants resistant to pests and disease, ensuring a successful harvest even in less-than-ideal conditions. This strain produces fast-growing buds with a distinct aroma and a flavor of sweet pine and citrus fruits. The strain is easy to cultivate and can produce a large yield with minimal effort.

Amnesia Blue Headband is known to be highly potent, containing high levels of THC that will leave users feeling uplifted and euphoric. It also has a long-lasting effect, making it a great choice for those looking to enjoy their high for extended periods.

Black Indica Feminized Seeds

Black Indica Feminized Seeds have a long list of benefits and an easy-to-grow nature. These seeds are ideal for those who want to get their feet wet in cannabis cultivation without hassle.

The seeds are known for producing higher yields with a shorter flowering cycle than many other strains. The buds are dense and heavy, with a distinct taste and aroma. They provide users with a rich experience that is both stimulating and relaxing.

Black Indica Feminized Seeds are resistant to mold and mildew, making them perfect for novice growers who want to avoid expensive mistakes. These seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs. It makes them an ideal choice for those just starting in the world of cannabis cultivation.

Blueberry OG Feminized Seeds

Blueberry OG Feminized Seeds are hardy and easy to grow. They require minimal care, meaning that you can get started growing the perfect harvest without having to be an experienced grower. The strain produces dense buds with a sweet blueberry aroma and strong OG terpenes that will delight any joint or vape session.

Easy Weed Growing
Experts Give Their Two-Scents on Easy Weed Growing.

These seeds are perfect for beginner growers, as the plants tend to stay small and are, therefore, easier to manage. The flowering period is relatively short, taking 7-9 weeks from seed to harvest. You can start enjoying your buds in no time.

Blueberry OG prefers warm climates with plenty of sunshine and well-drained soil. With the right care, these plants can produce heavy yields.


Growing weed is an art; with the right guidance and patience, you can become a cannabis connoisseur in no time. AskGrowers’ top 7 list of the best cannabis seeds for beginners is a helpful tool for beginners looking to cultivate their crops. While these seven strains aren’t foolproof, they offer the greatest chance of success with the least effort. It’s important to remember that different environments will yield different results. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative and have some fun experimenting. Remember your grow-safe practices when working with marijuana plants – such as using clean equipment and gloves when handling them – as this will ensure a consistently bountiful harvest. With that said, happy growing.