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10 Stars for the Legalization of Pot

Stars for the Legalization of Pot
Stars for the Legalization of Pot. Pictured, Leafs by Snoop
Stars for the Legalization of Pot
Stars for the Legalization of Pot. Pictured, Leafs by Snoop. Image via Facebook.

Stars for the Legalization of Pot. Celebrities who openly use cannabis, are advocates for recreational use and some who have opened their own cannabis-related business.

Cannabis has always been a topic of much debate all over the world. Over the years, we have seen several eminent persons coming out in the open in favor of its legalization. Several noted celebrities and stars from different fields have expressed their support for this industry. Some of them have gone even further by launching their cannabis-related products and attaching their personal brands to those products. Public support of cannabis by these celebrities has significantly influenced people’s perception of cannabis and the push for the legalization of cannabis.  

In this discussion, we take a look at some of the top-rated stars that have made their love for the leaf public.

Snoop Dogg: A highly successful rapper and musician, Snoop Dogg adopted his name in 2012 after converting to the Rastafari religion. He co-founded a company named Leafs by Snoop, specializing in cannabis flowers and edibles. Snoop Dogg claims that Leafs by Snoop is the world’s first mainstream cannabis brand.  

Willie Nelson: An American songwriter, musician, singer, actor, poet, author, and activist, Willie Nelson is known for his popular country music albums such as Stardust, Red Headed Stranger, Shotgun Willie, etc. A co-author of several books and actors of over 30 films, he has been actively involved in activism in favor of the legalization of marijuana and the use of biofuel. Willie’s Reserve, a cannabis production company, was founded by Willie Nelson in 2015. Honoring Willie’s style, the identity of the brand reflects the American Old West days.  

Whoopi Goldberg: American singer, comedian, and actress Whoopi Goldberg is the recipient of Tony, Grammy, Emmy, as well as Academy Awards. She is best known for her roles in The Color Purple, Sister Act, and Ghost. In 2015, she founded an all female-owned cannabis consumables firm that offers cannabis-infused menstrual pain relief topical. This is probably the first instance of cannabis being approached from a feminine perspective. 

Mike Tyson: One of the greatest professional athletes ever, Mike Tyson is a former world heavyweight boxing champion. Today, Tyson is a full-fledged entertainer and businessman. In 2017, he entered the cannabis industry by starting Tyson Ranch. This is a cannabis resort that comprises of an edibles factory, upscale campground, and an amphitheater. 

Susan Sarandon: Loved by millions of fans around the world for her amazing acting skills, Susan Sarandon has been an avid advocate of marijuana and its benefits for many years. She has gone on records several times in the past, talking in support of the legalization of marijuana

Lady Gaga: Known for her eccentric nature, Lady Gaga has never been afraid of speaking her mind. She has admitted to have consumed weed on a regular basis to deal with the stress and anxiety caused by the ups and downs of her career. 

Rihanna: One of the most sought after singers in the current global music scene, Rihanna has openly admitted her smoking habit. Though she has recently started efforts to cut back, Rihanna still remains to be an avid supporter of cannabis legalization. 

Miley Cyrus: In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Cyrus revealed that she had used marijuana and claimed that this is the world’s best drug. Since this interview, she has been an active proponent of the legalization of cannabis. 

Jennifer Aniston: Jennifer Aniston’s affinity for the green stuff is no secret. She has never had any qualms about accepting that she is an occasional pot smoker and has spoken several times in support of its legalization. 

Justin Timberlake: Justin Timberlake strongly supports the legalization of cannabis and has been a regular weed smoker. He strongly believes that the legalization of marijuana will reduce crime in the US by almost 50%. 

These were just a few of many celebrities and stars that have raised their voice in favor of marijuana legalization over the years. Their efforts have certainly played a role in bringing the industry where it is today. If you are a cannabis enthusiast looking to start a cannabis-related business, you may seek help now at i49.