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It’s confirmed Abercrombie and Fitch wont hire you either unless you are drop dead gorgeous.


The curse of the high end retailer.

There seems to be a new kind of dilemma in high end retail outlets. The curse- you wont be allowed to get a barely above minimum paying job unless you resemble a cross between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Anything short of outright gorgeous will have all the other peons spying on you and finding noxious ways of making sure that you never make it more than the backyard basement boy.

Does this make you smile? It oughtn’t, but strangely it’s making us smile because this summer we intend to spend more time casually strolling into Abercrombie and Fitch stores and discovering for ourselves- are there any good looking left in America? Because if they are we know they have all been drafted by American Apparel’s twin -‘Hand me over a pinch.’

Gawker: A tipster sends us this photo of a note that a district manager left for managers at a Ruehl, an upscale Abercrombie spinoff brand. “The district manager would come in every couple of weeks and inspect and then fill out his report about the store. This was hanging on the bulletin board abovethe managerial desk in the back stock room. I snapped a cell-phone picture of the first page…When Regional managers (or anyone higher up) would visit the store, they would actually import the best looking people from other stores for the day to impress the higher-ups.”

Could this all be true? Have my worst fears come true? I will soon have to put myself under the scalpel and get plastic surgery. Devorah Rose was right after all…

American Apparel wants to let you know you need to be photogenic before they hire you.

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