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American Apparel wants to let you know you need to be photogenic before they hire you.


How to stay employed in the fashion industry.

According to Gawker who have a hard on for American Apparel and its brass- Dov Charney, a potential employee and for that matter current employees don’t have much of a chance of remaining employed by the retailer if they are not judged by a nameless source (at least Dov has learned to wash his hands now…) to be deemed all round aesthetically pleasing (which of course is reinforced by the wonderful Polaroid moment in said anonymous hands), said employee will soon be asked to move on. Gawker explains the new trends in fashion and something we’ve suspected all along…


Supersexual fashion brand American Apparel was accused last year of having a policy of firing employees that management deemed too ugly. According to some new inside information we received, hiring and firing is now largely based on employee photos.

Of course back when I was a kid working for a surf retailer back in Oz all I had to show my boss was that I could stand still, pay attention, not pay too much attention at all the hot little things walking around in their slinky bikinis and occasionally smile as I tried to figure a way to get them to spend money- which these days means being almost if not better looking than the customers themselves- which makes sense, because only undiscovered models and reality stars should ever consider taking a $10 an hour job with American Apparel.

Now, a source tells us that American Apparel has a new hiring policy. For the past several months, they say, job applicants at AA have had their photos taken—photos which are then sent to the email address work@americanapparel.net, where they are “approved” by a nameless person for hiring. The applicant’s resume is a distant second when it comes to hiring decisions, our source says.

Resume? Of course which designer would you be modeling for/ (which reality show you would be staring in if it wasn’t recently canceled)  if it wasn’t for the fact you needed American Apparel’s $10 an hour job.

Our source also tells us that a new policy now says that in order for current AA employees to be approved for a promotion or raise, they must also have their photos approved. As they put it, “Your looks determine your position and pay rate, not how effective you are at your job.”

So what are you waiting for? As long as you keep up with those push ups, breast implants and whatever else you think you need to get yourself looking and feeling slinky good shouldn’t you be looking to get a job with Dov? Call him now, he’s waiting by his fax machine waiting for your Polaroid…

Fashionista Dov Charney has confirmed he will fire you if you happen to be ugly.