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It’s finally okay to admit you have a man purse.


Soon men in metropolitan cities will not think twice about wearing high heels…

A new ad campaign courtesy of Bottega Veneta is using the imagery of Robert Longo to reinforce the idea to sexually ambivalent men that it’s finally okay to be completely sexually ambivalent as long as you are now sporting one of Veneta’s hand bags. Which we’re betting will have the perverse effect of having women wanting in the all fashion mayhem by announcing that she too is sexually ambivalent and game to own her own man purse.

Our prognosis – one day men will be walking the streets in high heels (well they did in the seventeenth century) and you women will be crying in your sleep to own your own steel studded heel. Not on your life.

Aren’t you glad men are finally becoming liberated?

Source; Animalnewyork.com

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  • jimstoic

    I carry a Kodak camera bag containing my wallet, phone, medications, small camera, reading glasses, and sunglasses. Yes, it’s a purse, but it says Kodak on it so my boyfriend isn’t quite as embarrassed is if I carried the silver Adidas Y-3 bag that he won’t be seen with me carrying. But how the heck else am I going to carry all that stuff?