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A Guide To Understand Todays Scenario Of Fashion Week and Runway Shows

Fashion Week and Runway Shows
Deconstructing Fashion Week and Runway Show trends.
 Fashion Week and Runway Shows
Deconstructing Fashion Week and Runway Show trends.

Deconstructing Fashion Week and Runway Show trends: How trends in fashion are going beyond style, cut, color and dress and also discussing trending themes. 

What’s trending this season is quite a bit of a hot topic, every season. We all follow fashion religiously like anything. In a recent fashion week, it was concluded that fashion has always been a conversation starter amongst the girls and even women. But at the same time have we ever wondered what it could raise any issue or a debatable topic for any discussion?

Gone are the days where fashion was not much about to discuss anything. Today, in general, it has rather become a hot, debatable topic for discussions on international forums.

Reason being that are we all completely aware of what sort of fashion do we follow, or we follow it blindly? Secondly, that how many of us are aware of the fact that we need to dress up according to our body type and according to our skin tone. This holds and makes a lot of impact on the way we dress and what colour we choose. Thirdly, the colour of our dress reflects our inner selves that are our personality.

Recently, if we talk about this fashion week which was held a couple of weeks back, I’d rather get it down to everybody’s notice that fashion has emerged out as something to do with “feminism.” There are hard-hitting messages printed on all attires – be it a simple Tee or a blouse or probably anything. This game of hard-hitting feminist messages is now taking a troll towards our very own six yards attire.

The fashion stylists and fashion designers are making their models walk down the runway sporting these attires which carry such feminists related hard-hitting messages and showcase it to the entire world. But again these runways showcases various models of various skin tones. Thus, you get to know that would rather suit the Indian skin tone.

Fashion Week and Runway Show trends
Deconstructing Fashion Week and Runway Show trends. Spring 2017 Paris Fashion Week. Image via Pinterest.

Here is a checklist that would make you ponder over the thought that is you dressing up right or are you dressing up to please others or just for the sake of following fashion trends.

    * In the face of body positivity movements, laws have been incorporated into place. Today, there is far more diversity regarding the Evening Gown or Indian Gown Design being worn by a model on the ramp.

    * You obviously tend to follow it when you see something on the ramp. Let be it an offbeat design or an offbeat colour for any bridal; you simply want to swish away with those dresses that you like. But try coordinating or selecting according to your body type or face colour.     

   * Our very own bridal wears have been introduced with a major shift and twist in the dressing style. I remember, those three years back, any bride would wear that delicately embroidered bridal wear on her day. But the major shift is in these three years that Indian Gown Dresses have tried to replace the traditional bridal wears.                                                                                                          

   * Fashion forecasters have predicted that post the awards season, the runways are bound to be filled with clothes and attires representing the body types, the skin tone and obviously the latest trending design.                                                       

   The latest offering of fashion week should inspire your collection, but you should try not to hit the Indian Evening Gown Design too hard. Select proper colour and design as per your tone. If you’re too fair, all colours would be suitable for your skin tone. From pastels to bright and vivid colours, anything is for you without any second thought. 

  * The Indian Gowns tends to suck in your tummy and put your best foot forward.

  However, if you’re a bit on the darker side with a healthy image, you should try selecting which is not too pastels or not too bright or warm toned. It should be in between the medium tone.

The question now remains, has fashion stopped being size-ist or colour-ist? There are a huge shift and a huge change in the colours and designs and silhouettes. Fashion has always been about celebrating designs, styles with variations, and different and unique silhouettes – celebrating the difference in skin colour, the skin tone, the body type, hair and other notions of beauty that would feature your best part enhance them.

Fashion Week and Runway Show trends
Fashion Week and Runway Show trends: Bollywood 2018 Designer looks.