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Suzanne Corona wants you to know she didn’t know fondling her lover in public could get her arrested for adultery.


The inconvenient things that happen on park benches.

Suzanne Corona was just minding her business, sitting on some park bench, listening to her young lover tell her how hot she made him feel, wiping away the sweat started to pour down her forehead and slowly undoing her front buttons as her hot lover, Justin Amend gently placed Suzanne on top of him with his pants already halfway down the Grand Canyon.

That’s when the police noticed something out of the ordinary happening and decided to approach Suzanne and remind her how much she was offending the children in the parking lot watching her wail and how in fact she was breaking the law, and how in the end she also managed to get her pretty self charged with adultery for the decency of reminding the arresting officer that she was also married. Needless to say the young man scurrying his pants back past his knees was not in her husband.

The husband on the other hand being a sensitive soul decided to stand by Suzanne’s side and remind her that one day(probably that evening) they would once again resuming having sex with each other after it was disclosed that husband and wife have been shy of the sack of late, which is probably how randy Justin got involved in this little dilemma.

But just in case you are curious- Suzanne according to the NY Daily news is only the 13th person to be charged with adultery in New York since 1972, according to the state Division of Criminal Justice Services. Of those, only five have been convicted. Let’s hope Suzanne has some leniency from the courts.