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It’s true: Men still have to behave like barbarians to get the girls.


Why evolution theory is still here to stay.

For some misguided notion there have been a lot of men thinking that if they just used lots of moisturizer, spoke with a French accent and wore this season’s penny loafers that they would get all the girls. Of course a new study released today disproves all of this and reaffirms for us our hunch that in fact women like their men violent, brute and capable of jack hammering other men if need be.

Each of the participants in the study—232 undergraduates—were randomly shown one of the scripted, videotaped interviews and asked to rate the fake applicant on a number of qualities, including whether they liked the person. The male applicants were rated as less likable than the female applicants, even though they gave the same answers to the questions. Interestingly, the modest men were disliked by women and by other men. Everybody hates them.

So why would the same answers coming from men be deemed less acceptable?

From the paper:

Changes in gender roles that have afforded women more financial independence have not yielded relaxed demands for men. That is, men are still required to uphold masculine ideals that require chronic exhibitions of strength while avoiding signs of weakness.

Which is really another way of saying that as much as women keep reminding us that we have to get in touch with our feelings and remember to order French nick nacks at the dinner table it’s the capacity to metaphorically walk around with a baseball bat, a mean stare and the occasional ability to beat another man senseless that will always have them coming back for more. So much for evolution.

Source: The Chronicle

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