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8 Signs That Reveal the Kind of Dater You Are

What kind of dater are you
What kind of dater are you? Looking for commitment or casual fun?
kind of dater are you
What kind of dater are you? Looking for commitment or casual fun?

The signs that reveal the kind of dater you are, whether you are ready for a committed relationship or just seeking casual fun? 

If you are looking for love, chances are you have gone on a few dates. You might have been looking for different dating experiences. While dating is an exciting experience, finding someone on the same wavelength is only sometimes straightforward.

From someone looking for commitment in a relationship to anyone out to have fun, you’ll need to sieve through multiple personalities to find someone who matches your mindset. And sometimes, you might find someone who matches your wavelength but is not ready.

According to Metro UK, there are four types of daters. Down-to-commit daters (DTC) are 34% of people ready for a relationship. Hopeful hesitators make up 41% of individuals who want a relationship but are nervous about dating.

The roaring 20’s daters make up 14 percent of people who want something casual and would be willing to go out on a date. Lastly, the cautious and dating casual (CDC) daters are the remaining 10% who want something casual but are nervous about going out on a date.

So, what kind of dater are you? Below we’ll discuss eight signs that can help you determine the kind of dater you are. Let’s dive in.

Not Enough Texts

If you are looking for commitment and would be irritated by simple things like someone not texting back, then you are a DTC. You should find a partner who randomly texts you sweet nothings as often as possible. 

As a DTC, you should learn to look for red flags in your newfound love. If someone treats you as one of many options, is not ready for a relationship, or makes you question if they are interested in you, those are red flags enough to help you rethink before committing.

As a DTC dater, go for green flags, such as a person who is a great communicator, honest, and someone who brings out your best version. Do not rush into decisions, no matter how ready you are for a relationship.

Plan Dates Back to Back 

A person ready to go on another date even before the current one ends is a commitment seeker (DTC). The first few dates should be closely placed to keep the momentum.

Your second date should take two weeks after the first one, especially if the first one went well. Lock down your second date in advance lest you be caught up with busy schedules.

You Have Multiple Dating Apps 

If you keep juggling between dating apps such BeNaughty and Tinder, you are a roaring 20’s dater. You are probably looking for something casual and ready to go on several dates.

Roaring 20’s dater, you are probably not looking for something too heavy, and you are hesitant to be involved with someone. If this is you, don’t blame yourself for rushing things. Instead, set small goals and allow yourself to feel the progress.

Multiple Dates With Multiple People

If you go on dates with multiple people weekly, you are a roaring 20’s dater. As discussed earlier, roaring 20s are not ready to commit. If this is you, experts recommend investing in yourself and allowing things to take time.

Not Into PDA

If you are too cautious about displaying affection in public, you are a hopeful hesitator. PDA should not be a factor that makes or breaks your relationship.


If you feel nervous whenever your partner doesn’t agree to your way, you are a hopeful hesitator. If you feel any negative body language, it could be a sign that the relationship could be headed nowhere.

You Fear Attachment 

Going on a date aims to make a lasting bond and connection. But if you are uncomfortable with the connection, then you are a CDC dater. To overcome such anxieties, focus on yourself to understand your feelings.

No to Follow Up Dates 

If you are cautious about going on a date, you are a CDC. Existing insecurities, shyness, low self-esteem, or lack of dating experience could cause your awkwardness. Pressure might build up, especially after the first date, but don’t be too hard on yourself.

What Makes a Person Right for You?

The right person to date should pass the “bar” test. The right person should feel comfortable around you, and you’d wish others to see the two of you together. Another sign to look for in the right person is someone who will be honestly excited about your goals and success in life.

The right person for you will want to keep who you are. They perfectly fit in your life. Such a person quickly gets along with your people and friends, shares mutual interests, and you have things that you enjoy doing together.