Home Nightlife 9th Annual Minds Matter Spring Soiree at M2.

9th Annual Minds Matter Spring Soiree at M2.

Photography by Arthur Eisenberg.

Hundred-dollar tickets to gain entry to M2 Ultra Lounge on a Thursday night at suppertime— who else could pull off for nearly ten years now but Minds Matter?

Minds Matter is a non-profit organization that strives to teach, prepare and mentor high school students from low-income families on their way to college. They offer programs to Sophomore, Junior and Senior students, study abroad trips, and lots of assistance during standardized test- time. Without Minds Matter thousands of kids would never have gone to college, either because they couldn’t afford it or because of lack of motivation. They even fund trips abroad and programs at Harvard, Yale, etc. free of charge!

A wonderful turn out of 550-700 attended the event throughout the night.Well-groomed men with suits and ties escorted lovely ladies in fragile heels and dresses

Sponsored by Moet and Chandon Champagne, five open bars graciously studded the crystal ball chandeliered mainstay, and two chocolate fountains stood in the rear, by the DJ’s staged station. Judith Ripka dense, thick silver timepieces–rings, thin bracelets and earrings—bedecked with fine to deep etchings, braid or knobbed details and dazzling jewel centers rest on two long tables opposite the fountains. The forms for bidding were completely empty nearly three hours in, and I was curious why since they were marked down 30%. Surely the $1100-$4000 range starting the bids may have been too much for a locksmith or student, but not for Minds Matter compatriots, right?!

Sachika at ‘Jack and Jill.’

The Golf Edict.

Brooklyn Fashion Weekend 2009.

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