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Brooklyn Fashion Weekend 2009.


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Photography by Seana Cavanagh

In these uncertain times it takes a brave soul to organize a collective showcasing burgeoning fashion designers, that or folly. Enter Rick Davy who with grit and unchecked enthusiasm managed to pull off a crowd pleaser last night at the Brooklyn Fashion Weekend.

Sitting through a dalliance of poetry and modern dance that we admittedly couldn’t understand or particularly fathom we waited patiently for the main acts to commence their inaugural strut down the runway. It is after all the runway we had come to see and cherish.

From what we saw there were a few promising pieces from the designer Terri Stevens, Project Runway semi finalist of yester year who had her girls droll down the runway in austere rhythm in tight fitting bodices, mini skirts that crescendo at the knees, and the continual theme of the ruffled pleated accessory that attached itself to open collars, slinky sleeves and contrasted vividly with diamond shaped squares.

The pleated ruffle, by now a signature motif of Ms. Steven’s collection made a replay in the form of pockets on gold and crimson hemmed tresses and we did enjoy seeing Ms. Stevens making an aggressive use of the pleated ruffle and as she takes the time to grow into her collection will find ways to bring subtlety to her collection.

We also got a kick out of watching Doroseau Couture who had their girls pummel the runway with mock attitude and held out hand mirrors pointing at the crowd. We think it must have been a reference to fashion being in the eye of the beholder…

In any event we enjoyed the girls take a stroll along Edith Piaf’s rue de Rivoli, the left bank favorite of bohemians and aspiring literary sophisticates. Silhouetted in black clad chamois, cut close to the hip, low on the top, baring brazen shoulders these girls were out to enjoy themselves. With a play on lace, lace stockings, slinky feminine sheathe we got a kick out of this production the way one does watching an old French movie from the 1960’s.

By far the highlight of the evening were the ensemble twin sisters of Sachika, who heralded from Montreal, Canada. With their modern ready to wear and very accessible line these girls had many of us in delight and in rapture that gusto, fortitude and commitment to the modern woman- a preoccupation of a designer as opposed to a diversion.

Sashaying the boulevard with cobalt blue cocktail party dresses, the girls were enjoying themselves and it showed as they languorously beat a supple walk, with their light chamois fitting dresses flowing in delightful swirls.

Keeping with simple cuts, classic hem lines and gently sloping lines and sheath the collection was a joy to watch. With obvious reference to the DVF wrap dress, Zac Posen , the girls managed to offer a clean classic line that will indelibly test the strands of time and be in one’s mind next time when sifting through their wardrobe.

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