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Zac Efron Might Have to go Back to the Mouse


gflopPretty boys don’t always cut it…

It may be time for Zac Efron to crawl back to Disney’s womb. With Efron’s first film project not related to Disney called Me and Orson Welles bombing at the box office, the world is hardly inspired. It is reported that in its limited release, the movie had a 2750 per screen average and only grossed $343,000 to date.

According to IMDB, the plot is, ” A teenager is cast in the Mercury Theatre production of ‘Julius Caesar’ directed by a young Orson Welles in 1937.” If the studio execs were hoping to lean on his tween-heartthrob status to carry this movie, they thought wrong. Yes, he has crazy girl fans, however, the story is more than enough to make the girls scratch their heads and turn to buy tickets toNew Moon again. Also, sadly to say, it is no longer the era of the Efron and High School Musical.

What, girls don’t want to see some ordinary popular basketball player singing a love song to his girlfriend? They’d rather see a vampire who sparkles in the sun and has to contemplate whether to turn his girlfriend into a vampire or not? Is that really what makes Hollywood go round?

If Efron wants to keep being in the spotlight, he should try to vie for a part in the next Twilight movies, or go crawling back to the mouse with an expensive piece of cheese. But really who cares about a pretty boy going bust when they are in desperate over supply as parking attendants in Hollywood?

Me and Orson Welles – IMDB

Me and Orson Welles is A Bomb – Perez Hilton

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  1. Hey there “I don’t think you did enough research and you are missing some commas”! I meant to say it’s his first departure in a film where he isn’t acting like a high-school heartthrob. You caught me! I’m just not as big of a fan of the Efron as I’m assuming you are — my mistake! I should have corrected that.

    Anyway, this film has been searching around for distributors for over a year after premiering at a festival. Despite being promoted as an indie flick, I doubt that the several studios partnered up to distribute it would want to make small business — especially for a film they worked so hard to get into theaters.

  2. “With Efron’s first film project not related to Disney called Me and Orson Welles bombing at the box office, the world is hardly inspired.”

    Actually Zac’s first non-Disney solo project was 17 Again and it did extremely well at the box office. It was No. 1 its opening weekend and made $136 million dollars worldwide. That’s more money than a whole host of other films with “bigger” stars.

    Me and Orson Welles is a small indie and it isn’t expected to do huge business. That you don’t understand such a basic concept of the movie business alongside your lack of research makes this blog look really idiotic.

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