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Slander in Russia starring Stalin



Even though Joseph Stalin has long since disappeared the Russian landscape his name and image still manage to inspire awe and dissent in the country. From Associated Press comes an interesting tale of how- Yevgeny Dzugashivili, the grandson of Stalin is seeking civil compensation after a radio station ‘Ekho Moskvy’ dared to air the mantra that ;

“Stalin signed an order that children can be shot from the age of 12 as enemies of the nation.”

A similar lawsuit was brought earlier this year when according to AP:

Earlier this year a Russian court threw out a similar case by Dzhugashvili against Novaya Gazeta newspaper which said Stalin had personally ordered the killings of thousands of Soviet citizens.

Historians said at the time the court’s decision was a victory in Russia where they say there is a creeping attempt to paint a more benevolent picture of the Soviet Union‘s most feared leader, under whose rule millions perished.

At question is how far can historians and the media go to manufacture a benevolent or malicious rearing of previous historical events. In a nation raised on totalitarian ethics and an iron fist perhaps a fitting tale would be when Nikita Krushnev first came to visit the US in the 1960’s and was amazed at the docility of the US population. Kissinger at the time reported they used the press to assuage the public. How ironic some time later that the press is now challenging those times…

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