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Blood bath on the number 6 train local


trainfight250When the mob can’t help beating the crap out of each other in public.

We warn before you watch the video below that you take a deep breath and find a bucket to throw up in. It is one of the most gruesome exercise of public (mis)behavior we have come across in the longest time.
We have no idea how the violence started but are ever so thankful we were spared having to be anywhere near the ‘punch me and i’ll try to punch you too bro,’ show.
We also have no idea who the woman with the foppy red hair who keeps begging these imbeciles to knock it off is and why she kept throwing herself in between these vermin.As for knocking it off- they don’t, the fight on the train now escalates like a Rambo film onto the platform once the train comes to a station stop. With the fight really on, the consequences only worsen, and when one sees the blood pouring out of the woman with the red foppy hair’s face (as if she were starring in a Jaw’s film) you too will be happy that you weren’t there.
That said knowing that you are innately drawn to creepy and gruesome displays of human nature we decided to share this perverse gem of ‘public hooliganism.’
Once again we warn you to brace yourself…
Editor’s note- Fortunately for you authorities decided for the sake of public good taste to delete this video.

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