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Serena Williams Wants to Act


serenaWhen being a famous sports star suddenly makes you a legitimate actor…

We as an audience have to grin and bear it when celebrities think that they can cross over into any area of entertainment and succeed. We watched Britney Spears test out the waters in Crossroads, we’ve seen Leighton Meester suddenly become a singer, and so many more stars who believe that their fame and stardom are enough credentials to excel in anything they might do.

Joining that roster now is tennis star Serena Williams. “I really enjoy acting. I like being in front of the camera. I think I should be an action star. I always wanted to die in acting and then I died (in E.R.) and I was miserable! I can do a real mean chop and kick,” brags the tennis star. “…And I can jump high and run fast and cartwheel.” With her muscular frame, I can’t help but nod in agreement that she would in fact be great in action. But star? Most actresses in action do kick butt, but they do need to have a certain sexual attraction about that will attract a horde of male fans. Will Williams be able to do that? We all tune into her tennis matches because she is the best at what she does, but when she turns to acting and it’s not the best she does, will she be able to hold up a movie all by her muscular self?

We’ll see how this pans out. If she can actually do ‘a mean chop and kick’ we will applaud. But if that doesn’t work out — hey, she can always go back to acting like she’s dying.

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