Home Scandal and Gossip Murdered college student receives $30 000 bill from Hospital.

Murdered college student receives $30 000 bill from Hospital.


hospitalTrying to figure out who should pay a beaten up student’s bill. Staying ahead in America.

It seems getting murdered is an expensive business these days, at least that’s what Scott Hawkin’s parents must have been thinking when they received a  $30,000 bill from the UC Davis Medical Center as well as a letter asking their murdered son not to return because of payment issues.

Scott, a student who was unfortunately murdered by his dorm mate Quran Jones, couldn’t be reached for comment, but it is imaginable his parents were incredulous when served the bill on his behalf. Before dying, Scott was rushed to hospital where efforts were made to save his life. With Scott dead, the hospital had no way of being reimbursed (never mind the insurance policy he had which the hospital had neglected to refer to). Fortunately for the hospital, they were able to come up with the address of Scott’s parents and serve them the bill instead.

The moral of the story- next time you get beaten to death make sure you have enough money in your bank account because we’d hate to have you stick some hospital with the bill.

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