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Nightmare in California- Plastic Surgery changes for the worst.


brazileWhen looking creepy and beautiful suddenly gets tougher.

Looks like the Californian dream has been turned on its head. According to new laws which Governor Schwarzenegger will sign into effect, anyone who wants to have plastic surgery will from now on have to get a health check first.

Until now your ass could essentially arrive in the shiny state and whether you were dying of some life threatening disease or had a hangover from hanging out with Mickey Mouse the night before, by lunchtime you could come out looking like a plastic version of some nymph or other photogenic, savory idea in that mind of yours.

Of course that was then and this is now, and since life is getting all around more difficult and inconvenient to stay in the shiny state,  you might find yourself remaining a laughing stock until you get a doctor to give you a clean bill of health.

What seems perverse in California is kind of normal in the rest of the world, but really who in California is normal, anyways?

Adding to the grief of living in California, the Governor has also suddenly made it a bitch for the paparazzi to invade CELEBRITIES engaging in personal or family affairs.

California- is great to live in as long you are not a plastic surgeon or paparazzo.


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  • Financial Samurai

    Yikes, that looks painful!

    Don’t hate on us beautiful Californians though! haha