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America- homophobic, xenophobic, gymnophobic, and fat.


questionSo this Sunday is the big million gays march in Washington D.C.  I think others are calling it the National Equality March; I’m not sure.

I’m going of course, along with a bunch of other gay friends of mine, and have been looking forward to it for quite some time.  As the country groups a strange and vast amount of varied people, it’s time for the United States to extend the same civil rights to another colorful group, the LGBTQI community.  Watch out, we’re taking over the alphabet too.

Even though I’ve got the banners ready and my tee shirt slogans punned, I must admit to some reluctance for the entire thing.  Maybe it’s not even reluctance, but it’s definitely doubt as these events have happened before and never do I see a real change afterwards.  It gets media attention, sorta, and promoting public awareness is always good, but there’s a sense that it doesn’t do really anything that the march marches for.

The next day just seems like a big ellipsis and everyone’s thankful to participate, but everyone is also thinking “ok now what?”  The country is still as it was yesterday – homophobic, xenophobic, gymnophobic, and fat.  And, well, we move on.

There could be a very large chance that my expectations are too raised and I’m expecting to have marriage licenses thrown at my front door with the morning paper.  Or, I could be too cynical and lazy to notice the slight changes these rallies eventually create.  I’m not sure, but I’d love to see Sunday’s events in D.C. leave more than just garbage on the street for Monday morning’s trash men.

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