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Army bases are confederate monuments says SPLC, what next?

Army bases confederate monuments
Army bases confederate monuments
Army bases confederate monuments as symbol of hate according to SPLC: Pictured Ft Bragg.

Army bases confederate monuments as symbol of hate according to SPLC: Has a civil liberties group overstepped the mark in its bid to challenge intolerance and inequity?

We are now being educated in the current historical revisionism. Anything or anyone that could be construed as part of white racism, is now being identified. These white racist figures are slated for destruction by none other than the Southern Poverty Law Center, based in Alabama.

The specific focus is on the major heroes of the Confederacy of the South circa 1860’s, with the American nonprofit civil rights organization demanding that no less than ten bases bearing the names of ‘Confederate heroes’ be re-named. 

We will never solve our community’s problems if an entire group of citizens is alienated or feels targeted for discrimination,’ SPLC says.

Yet the dailywire reports, SPLC is also delineating that: ‘Army Bases are Confederate Monuments… Take Them Down’. Army bases? 

Those which have been named for so-called white racists, including Fort Rucker, Fort Benning, Fort Gordon, Camp Beauregard, Fort Polk, Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, Fort A.P. Hill, Fort Lee, and Fort Pickett. 

Let’s do a web search on a random one: Wikipedia states that, Fort Hood is a U.S. military post located in Killeen, Texas; named after Confederate General John Bell Hood. Alright. Next, we search on Fort Bragg, 55 miles south of Raleigh in eastern North Carolina. It is named after Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg

Upon further research, a related article arises from July 9, 2015.  In that article, cnn quotes the military response to the question of whether the base ought to change it’s name as a result of debate surrounding the ‘confederate flag’. 

‘As of now, there is no discussion of adjusting the naming policy,’ said Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren.

So the point was moot, as of two years ago. Are they really going to revive this debate, with a further movement against unsavory historical figures? It seems that they can and they will, in the post-Charlottesville era.

Army bases confederate monuments
Army bases confederate monuments: Pictured the 10 army bases the SPLC views as inciting hate.

As a result of the chaotic events in that Virginia town, on August 12, 2017, the agenda to cleanse U.S.A. of racism and hate is back on the menu. Hate is the key buzzword.  However, it could be made relative, for there is an old saying, ‘who’s calling the kettle black?’ This idiom would be used to awaken ‘the pot’ to its same faults as the kettle. Who is defining what is hateful and what is not? Perhaps those pointing the finger are also hateful?

In today’s climate, would it be racist to question things? Would it be racist to analyze the concept of hate? Therefore, would it not be politically correct?  It depends on who decides to take offense. It would appear that the SPLC is quite offended by quite a bit of it and by the long and sordid history of the USA. They can and will do something about it, especially since they are riding high after the Charlottesville tragedy. Their donations have increased exponentially post Donald Trump’s election.

They are feeling a swell of support from celebs and corporations alike, including an August 21 $1 Million donation courtesy of J.P. Morgan (never mind financial behemoths own institutionalized ability to roil financial markets and terrorize the average layman/nation/etc) in a bid to ‘exposing hate groups’ in the wake of Charlottesville.

What would it prove if we let all these Confederate Army base names ‘come down’? What would it help? What practical value would be in this radical action? What groups, ideas, expressions can we next expect to be branded as antithetical to ‘liberty, equality and justice?’ Have such concepts ever existed in reality but in name and battle cry?

Is this what all the money must be spent upon? Name changes, with the intent of burying history? In this opinion of this analyst, it is a spark which is trying to be lit. This reactionary strategy will intentionally lead to greater strife and confusion. More hatred will be generated, in the form of book burnings and rioting. More division in a nation divided. 

Army bases confederate monuments
Army bases confederate monuments….at what cost history, critical thought and what counts for extremism?