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Soho Karen arrest: LA activists march to police station urging arrest

Miya Ponsetto arrested
Soho Karen aka Miya Ponsetto attempted robbery charges face off.
Miya Ponsetto arrest civil rights activist march
LA civil rights activist call for Miya Ponsetto arrest. Pictured Soho Karen.

Miya Ponsetto arrest: Los Angeles civil rights activists march to police station demanding arrest of Soho Karen involved in racial profiling assault at NYC hotel.

And it continues. Civil-rights activists marched on a Los Angeles police station over the weekend calling for the arrest of ‘Soho Karen the woman who falsely accused a black teen of stealing her cell phone at a Manhattan boutique hotel last week. 

The protesters assembled outside the LAPD’s North Hollywood Police Station on Saturday demanding the arrest of Miya Ponsetto, who has been laying low in California since the Dec. 26 incident, according to New York’s ABC-7.

Ponsetto shot to viral infamy when video emerged of her going off on 14-year-old Keyon Harrold Jr. in the lobby of Soho’s Arlo Hotel.

The 22-year-old aspiring actress and former school cheerleader accused Harrold Jr. of stealing her iPhone only to become embroiled in a physical tussle with the teen, video of the run-in shows.

An Uber driver later entered the hotel lobby to return Ponsetto’s phone, said the boy’s dad, Harrold Sr., a jazz trumpeter.

Arrest imminent? 

NYPD leaders have signaled that charges will be brought against Ponsetto in the incident, which Mayor Bill de Blasio has called ‘plain and simple’ racism.

Police officials have described Ponsetto as white, while she told a Post freelance photographer who found her at a California McDonald’s last week that she is Puerto Rican.

The march follows weekend revelations that Ponsetto and her mother, Nicole were arrested at Beverly Hill‘s Peninsula Hotel in February of 2020 when they refused to leave and officers were called in to remove them. Ponsetto was arrested for being drunk in public, as was her mom, who also faces charges for assaulting a police officer.