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Welcome to ‘Rent a Friend.


now_rentingHaving a wedding without a best man is a thing of the past because now you can rent him.

‘Yummy,’ out of Japan comes the new social engineering experiment called ‘rent a friend’ which effectively deals in renting out human bonding and relations. Spared the obligation of having to get to know somebody and dealing with their issues (or for that matter your issues…) or the fact you just might be new in town or too busy or unlikable to have friends the agency ‘rent a friend’ now allows you to solve these problems.

With clients renting out candidates to act as your best man, or any other useful service you may see fit the agency offers professional ‘stand ins’ that the Guardian claims is “… part of a growing service sector that rents out fake spouses, best men, relatives, friends, colleagues, boyfriends and girlfriends to spare their clients’ blushes at social functions such as weddings and funerals.

One story recants how a man who the day before was rented out to be the best man at a complete strangers wedding to the next day as the new found uncle cheering on his new found nephew at a local sporting complex. (Is everyone reading this article shaking their head in disbelief?).

On one hand ridiculously funny but on the other hand very sad and terrifying it alludes to the disenfranchisement amongst human beings and the increasing commoditization of human relations.

In any event we’re very curious about this service cause after all it’s always nice to have friends around even if you have to pay for them to be there…

Lonely Japanese find solace in ‘rent a friend’ agencies