Home Scandal and Gossip Trying to figure out what a runway model eats.

Trying to figure out what a runway model eats.


model-dietIs birdseed fat free, how about champagne and cigarettes?


As you all know being a fashion runway model is a very stressful job that requires you to always be chain smoking, drinking champagne and well you already know the other C (OK?) – if that’s not a hint. But little did you know runway models also have to eat to give them the energy to burn calories as they strut the planks. That said we decided to have a think about what a runway model eats and here’s our top ten list.


10. A banana. But only half.


9/ Organic birdseed with a sliver of sugar free peanut butter.


8/ 3 hamburger on the days she hates herself.


7/ A strawberry sundae if she is feeling naughty.


6/ Steamed prawn with one garlic glove.


5/ 17 pieces of corn flakes and diluted skim milk.


4/ Egg whites with spinach for the days when she is doing back to back shows.


3/ A free dinner courtesy of anytime anyone takes her to Cipprianis.


2/ Half a bottle of orange juice before the show and 2 bottles of champagne after the show.


1/ A pill of valium or anything that will help her get over herself.

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  • robb

    LOL is this for real ?