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Model, Katia Elizarova explains how she was forced to have dinner with older rich men.



Katia Elizarova
Katia Elizarova

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In a new expose courtesy of the London Times, model, actress and reality star, Katia Elizarova goes on to expose the seedy side of the modeling world.

In the harrowing feature, the model reveals how many young models in order to survive are often forced to take on duties that many calls into question the culpability of their handlers, their model agencies.

Explains the model: ‘There are people who try to bring you into clubs to attract the attention of older men,’ 

‘This is not a nice part of our job. If you’re a model and your agency hasn’t paid you in months, you don’t have anything to eat — and then someone comes over and says, “We’re doing free dinners in the club, come and bring your girlfriends,” of course you go. 

‘Then you have 20 men perving at you, but you’re so hungry you don’t care.’

Needless to say the practice of bringing young attractive women to the attention of older richer men is hardly a new occupational hazard, as model wranglers and club promoters practice the habit with open abandon.

The 27 year old model who made her name modeling for Chanel, M&S and MaxStudio among others opined that she now seeks to shed light as to what actually takes place behind closed doors.

Discovered in her home town of Saratov, Russia at the mere age of 14, Katia Elizarova went on to spend 12 years traveling and working the circuit.

Goes on to tell the model: “…girls aged 16 or 17 being drugged by men or falling down drunk, and constant pressure to lose pounds from already skinny frames.”

The model goes on to tell how whilst modeling in Japan she and fellow co models, under constant pressure to maintain svelte frames would be weighed after lunch.

The UK’s dailymail goes on to tell although Elizarova still models, she has now made it her mission to speak out about what she sees as exploitation of young, vulnerable girls and has even taken part in an Oxford Union debate about size zero.

‘I knew girls who were bulimic, who used cocaine to make their cheeks hollow,’

‘Some girls pulled out their teeth to look thinner.’

One of course wonders what else young models are expected metaphorically to pull out to stay in the hopeful game of being a fashion icon at almost any cost….?

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Katia Elizarova