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Male Models – how skinny is skinny?


thin-skinny-male-modelsThe art of living an illusion.


As we approach the upcoming spring collections we started to wonder what the designers will be looking for when they send the boys and girls out this year. More particularly we started wondering if the boys are going to be just that and will it come to showcasing 15 year old boys (the way designers showcase 15 year old girls) as sizes get smaller and the boys are made to wear clothes ideally made for 8 year old boys but priced for 35 year olds.

How appropriately skinny will this years male models need to be- bone dry? Emaciated? Or just on the verge of emaciated?

In any respect looking good, feeling good and spending money is a wonderful thing to do assuming you can get away with it and are willing to subscribe to illusions even if you have to starve for them.

Illusions- even a male model is an illusion of himself but who’s really talking about it?

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