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It’s a bird, a plane, no it’s a small plane and a helicopter colliding over the Hudson river.


helicopter-crash-over-the-hWhen a sight seeing mission turns into a complete disaster…

So there you are on a Saturday afternoon, gazing over a crystal Hudson river, the breath out of your mouth in wonder at the Manhattan skyline, the whiz of Helicopter blades behind you an afterthought when suddenly you notice an out of control plane veering towards you. It doesn’t seem to be part of the skyline and what you thought you were getting isn’t what you suddenly wanted to be getting, but suddenly you are going to be on the front page and the next sudden casualty of a somber August day that suddenly went out of control.

Welcome to the thoughts and mind of passengers on board a ‘Liberty Tours’ helicopter ride taking what they thought (the 5 of them and the pilot) taking a sightseeing tour over Manhattan as a small plane out of control, distressed and now out of radar control starts coming fast at you. It’s not what you planned for, but when does anyone ever really prepare for ‘crazy shit’ like this?

So far two people are  confirmed dead, in all nine believed to be lost and two vessels splattering into the Hudson river and you somewhere in this horrible mess. Thank God you only had to read about it…

When life suddenly veers out of control….

No Survivors Found as 2 Aircraft Collide

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