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When a joke fails to make anyone laugh…


david-lettermanWhat are we to make off the Palin/Letterman hoopla?

Frankly we don’t care what Letterman said on his show, since we never cared in the first place. But one thing that’s for sure the Palin and her camp took it out of context and as long as she pretends to be a politician she has to roll with what politicians and celebrities collect when they get bankrolled into designer threads and star appearances.

As for Letterman, we think his Palin joke was stupid, like 93 percent of all his jokes, which are stale and pandering to ‘cheap thrills,’ that said a comedian should never apologize for his jokes, a politician should never cry foul, and an audience should never castigate a comedian (that is after all what he is after all) for his performance. If it doesn’t reside well, do what we do – turn off the TV, but freedom of speech should remain, all jokes aside…


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