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If you reject me I just might end up with low self esteem…


couplesIsn’t it terrible that people just can’t handle not being loved by everyone?

According to a new study published in the ‘Psychology of Women Quarterly’(bet you never knew that existed…) women and men who have internalized versions of what the media considers beautiful are more susceptible to extreme bouts of self loathing if they are not found to be desired.

The study goes on to say that physically attractive people are less stigmatized by their peers (until that is they become coke heads, shoplifters and other savory things) and tend to live a relatively stigma free life.

Of note though was women when spurned because of their looks took it more to heart than men (who can always make you love them one day when they eventually become rich or important).

Of course we can’t wait to read what the ‘Psychology of Men,’ have to say about this.

Psychology of Women Quarterly

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