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Things to Let Go of to Move on After a Divorce

Things to let go of after a divorce
Things to let go of when your marriage doesn't work out. Image via Pixabay.
Things to let go of after a divorce
Things to let go of when your marriage doesn’t work out. Image via Pixabay.

How to move on after a divorce: Things to let go of when your relationship doesn’t work out and it’s time for you to heal and start afresh. 

Every breakup is difficult. But there is a different kind of moving on after marriage and divorce. It takes a lot of things to get over a broken marriage than simply taking off the ring.

Unfortunately, divorce is not an overnight thing. It is a constant and ongoing evolution, depending on how far you have gone in the marriage. It is an entirely different ballgame when kids are involved, so we are not getting that far. For this article, we will only touch on the things you need to let go of and take out completely in your life so you can start the process of moving on and being sincerely happy again.

The rings

Some people find it hard to take off the ring even after the papers are signed to signify freedom from the marriage. But in reality, this is one of the first things you need to do to move forward. Clinging onto your commitment rings—both your engagement and wedding rings—can weigh you down. So, what should you do about them if you will never use them again? Sell them. Yes, you read that right. You should sell them.

Read here about how to sell your engagement ring after a divorce. That is the wisest, most practical thing to do. It does not have to happen right away, and you could wait until you are emotionally ready, but it has to happen sometime if you are keen on moving on.

Selling the rings is an instant way to get money, which you could use to pay the debts or the financial lapses that your divorce created. They are of great value and should be enough to get you through your next payout.

Little things that have something to do with your marriage and your ex

No matter how long the relationship had been, you surely have collected items that at a glance could instantly remind you of the love lost. Maybe you still have part of the chinaware you got from the wedding or a couple of gifts you received from your ex all those years. You have to dispose of them one by one and free up your mental space in the process. Just like the rings, you can sell them on a garage sale or donate them to charity so they will not serve as a constant reminder of a failed marriage.

The house

After marriage, another important item you should let go of is the house you shared with your ex while you are still husband and wife. Although it could be tricky due to financial issues, you must do what you can to start your new beginning in entirely new surroundings. The memories attached to the marital house could not help your intent to let go and move on.

Moving on is a process. You need to start letting go of the things and the feelings so you can start over, hopefully, happier.