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Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Aniston- “Get your hands off my man.”


angelina_jolieOh, what to do, when you’re the sexiest man alive and your ex wife is fighting with your new wife…?

We read with intrigue in the UK Daily Mirror there is new found disarray in tinsel town. Caught sending a bit too many ‘inspirational/motivation text messages’ to her old flame, Aniston has been warned to ‘back off ‘ by the new wife- Jolie.

This all reminds us of the days when we were all back in high school and the school stud was banging the head cheer leader and then when she got a little too fat or just plain outspoken banging the new head cheer leader.

If only there was room for two head cheer leaders in this fairy tale high school, we’d all be happier, or nearly as happy Brad would like to be. Oh to be the school stud and fairy tale quarter back.

So much for motivation…

Jennifer Aniston told to ‘back off’ by Angelina Jolie over Brad Pitt and more in Mirror.co.uk’s Wednesday gossip round-up
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  • I for one believe that Jennifer Aniston, is an extraordinary actress and whom deserves a whole lot more admiration than she has received.