Guess which hawt bixch is going on a diet?

Donna is moving onto brighter pastures...

Donna Simpson, weighing in at over 600 pounds is tired of being the world’s fattest heaviest mother, which is why she threw her Ronald McDonald thickshake out the window and announced she’s seen the light and is finally going on a diet. And what spurred the sudden turnaround? Let’s have Donna in her own words […]

Going to church will make you fat.


Here’s some bad news for all those bible worshippers… latimes: A study finds that young adults who regularly attend religious activities may be more prone to obesity by middle age than their nonreligious peers. Kids, right about now, I am doing double high fives- I knew one day it would pay off to be a […]

Thomas Friedman can’t even predict his birthday.


When the only predictable thing about Thomas Friedman is that he can’t predict. Those who caught Thomas Friedman’s January 12th op-ed in which he predicts continued and steady economic gains for China’s foreseeable future will no doubt be convinced that the Middle Kingdom’s future is on the right track, particularly if those readers are unaware of […]

Barrett Brown doesn’t want you to buy his book.


After a general two-month absence from hassling those with the bad manners to make more money than I do, during which time I was engaged in the hassling of those with the bad manners to make more money than I do, I am finally back to hassling those with the bad manners to make more […]

Peruvian Gangs Murdering People for their Fat.


Stealing what most people would give away for free. Here’s a nice little snippet (probably not to be read at the breakfast table). Three gang members in Peru have been arrested and have confessed to killing people in order to drain the fat from their bodies for sale on the black market. They told police that […]