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Going to church will make you fat.


Here’s some bad news for all those bible worshippers…

latimes: A study finds that young adults who regularly attend religious activities may be more prone to obesity by middle age than their nonreligious peers.

Kids, right about now, I am doing double high fives- I knew one day it would pay off to be a heathen.

The study included 2,433 younger men and women who were part of the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults study and were followed for 18 years. Religious participation ranged from high (once a week or more), medium (regularly but not weekly), low (rarely) and none.

Young adults age 20 to 32 who were on the high end of religious involvement were 50% more likely to be obese by the time they hit middle age compared with those in the “none” category. This was true even after researchers adjusted for sex, age, race, education, income and the participants’ body mass index at the start of the study.

Mercy me- does this explain, besides the french fries, the apathy, the cultural ennui and the hoarded TV sets why America is going to a collective fat farm? All because of some unrelenting belief in sweet Jesus or Mullah or whatever critter turns your fancy…?

“It’s possible that getting together once a week and associating good works and happiness with eating unhealthy foods could lead to the development of habits that are associated with greater body weight and obesity,” said lead author Matthew Feinstein of Northwestern Medicine, in a news release. “We don’t know why frequent religious participation is associated with development of obesity, but the upshot is these findings highlight a group that could benefit from targeted efforts at obesity prevention.”

Kids, can I offer you some advice? This either your chance to become an aetheist or to finally put the feel good food away and go for a long long walk. We’re sure Jesus or Mohammed or Buddah will heartily agree…