Are you ready to live in a Japanese $600 apartment coffin too?

Japanese $600 apartment coffin

Japanese $600 apartment coffin. Are you game?

An apartment you can literally die for.

In an effort to manage with Tokyo’s dense population, exorbitant real estate prices and lack of real estate, some ingenuous landlords are now offering renters a new novel choice. Coffin apartments otherwise known as ‘geki-sema’ or share houses.

Costing close to $600 a month (55 000 yen), the apartments literally embody the shape of a coffin, with most offering no windows and scant room to move about. Designed more as a place to park one’s head as opposed to actively living there, the coffin like apartments offer enough room for a single person to sleep in and keep some bare necessities.

Stacked one atop of each other, the apartments have been described as nothing more than large cupboards for the fly by night individual who hopefully will choose most of their day at work and outdoors and occasionally to sleep in.

Toilets and bathrooms are shared in a hallway.

One woman interviewed at the Shibuya geki-sema, had room in her cubicle for a TV, makeup, a stuffed animal, some clothes and blankets.

Small rooms can range from 50 to 75 square feet, with some even tinier, the website Kotaku reported. Those taller than 6ft may find themselves struggling to lay down horizontally, but may be willing to live with certain inconveniences in order to remain close to the central hub.

Aren’t you glad that capitalism is able to embody all your bare necessities as you go about your task of living the dream?

Japanese $600 apartment coffin

Japanese $600 apartment coffin

Japanese $600 apartment coffin