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Video of Kaylee Gain Missouri teen beating black girl emerges

Kaylee Gain mother, April Nordstrom
Pictured, Kaylee Gain mother, April Nordstrom who allegedly implored her own teen daughter to fight Maurnice DeClue.
Video of Kaylee Gain beating Maurnice DeClue emerges
Who’s the real victim? Video of Kaylee Gain Missouri teen girl beating Maurnice DeClue fellow Hazelwood East High School student emerges.

Bully or Bullied? Video of Kaylee Gain beating black girl, Maurnice DeClue her alleged attacker emerges as her family insists she is the real victim as they now plead for compassion and a wider understanding of what ‘really happened.’ 

As a 15 year old St Louis area, Missouri teen fights for her life, and calls have been made for the ‘black girl’ seen on video repeatedly smashing her head on a concrete pavement to be tried as an adult and face the most severest consequences, video has emerged showing added context to what the alleged attacker’s family have decried as a ‘complicated situation’ amid assertions that their child is the real victim

In the days leading up to Kaylee Gain and Maurnice DeClue, students at Hazelwood East High School in Spanish Lakes, squaring up at a lot minutes away at their school on March 8, commentators on social media have attested to the two girls meeting at the lot following Gaines beating up DeClue the day before, and getting suspended over the confrontation which saw her allegedly jump DeClue (an honor’s roll student) in a school hallway.

Kaylee Gain starts speech therapy, long road ahead, family wants attacker to be tried as adult

Kaylee Gain school refuses to hand over records to charge Maurnice DeClue as adult

Bully or bullied? Who’s the real victim? 

Recorded cellphone video shows onlookers addressing, ‘Kaylee’, as a heavyset black girl (believed to be Maurnice DeClue) is pummelled by her aggressor.

Read a post with the attached video: Another sweet angel was taken by a black demon #KayleeGain had never laid a finger on anyone ever. She was nothing more than a victim she would never have laid a hand on anyone ever.’

Wrote another commentator with the attached video from another angle:Here is video of Kaylee Gain beating up another girl at her school. I have spoken to several people close to this case and they are telling me Kaylee (and her crew) is a known bully and she has a reputation for allegedly jumping other girls.’

Commentators in the thread (this author can not validate the factuality of alleged events and actions, only seek to share what many others who claim to know both young women have observed and stated in community threads) alluded to the two girls having been embroiled in an ongoing feud and that DeClue in her own mind may have felt vindicated to overwhelm Kaylee Gaines to the point of repeatedly smashing the girl’s head on the floor. Action which presumably no rational individual could ever condone, irrespective of the perceived slight and ‘public humiliation’ felt at school.

Wrote one commentator: Don’t know if this is true and that girl did not deserve to be beaten like that but people are saying her along with others jumped that black young lady and had been bullying her, is it any truth to that because let’s not make it seem like she was just attacked out of nowhere,what happened from the beginning?’

Stated another commentator: Kaylee beat the same girl up & humiliated her in public & online via posting this online . I’m sure the other girl had felt a huge sense of embarrassment & humilation plus her physical injuries inflicted on her by Kaylee. She wanted revenge for being bullied and got it, obviously emotional and probably scared she got carried away.’

Kaylee Gain suspended day before beating for bullying, petition to charge Maurnice DeClue w/ attempted murder & as an adult gains momentum

Missouri teen with head bashed to concrete is breathing on her own & stable 2 weeks after attack

Kaylee Gain mother, April Nordstrom
Pictured, Kaylee Gain mother, April Nordstrom who allegedly implored her own teen daughter to fight Maurnice DeClue.

Role model parent? 

Also compromising matters are assertions that Kaylee Gain’s own mother (April ‘March’ Nordstromhad attended the ‘meet up’ on March 8 and had implored her own daughter (‘Get her Kaylee! Get her Kaylee!) to fight Maurnice DeClue.

Wrote one commentator:#KayleeGain mother is a recovering junky that accompanied her child to a fist fight the day after being suspended for attacking #maurnicedeclue this is why Maurnice went to such length to end her terrorism by Kaylee and her adult mother and friends.’

The above context comes days after DeClue’s family launched a legal defense fundraiser in which they stated that DeClue, an A grade student was not the aggressor and that her story also needed to be heard and that she had been tried in the court of public opinion.

Kaylee Gain, St Louis, Missouri teen girl still unconscious after vicious beating involving fellow student, Maurnice DeClue.
Pictured Maurnice DeClue change org petition for compassion organized by 15 year old teen’s supporters.

Consideration for compassion

The fundraiser which had raised over $3K out of a $150K goal was taken down within a day of it being launched as a result of contravening GoFundme policy which ‘explicitly prohibit fundraising for the legal defense of an alleged violent crime.’

That nevertheless didn’t preempt defenders of DeClue (who they note is an honors roll A grade student) who maintain she ‘is the real victim’ and had been ongoing bullied at the hands of Kaylee, launching a change org petition titled‘Urge Chief Juvenile Officer Rick Gaines to Consider Maurnice Decluse’s Case with compassion’.

Come Wednesday, the petition which was started over the weekend had gathered 520 signatures. The petition went on to note that the case had been used to incite racial divisions and against the backdrop of a political agenda.

DeClue’s family nevertheless maintain she ‘deserves amnesty and a chance at forgiveness’, adding that her ‘fair trial hearing is being swayed’.

DeClue has since been charged with felony assault and is currently held by St Louis Family Court, with a hearing expected in early April.

In the immediate aftermath of the tragic events of March 8, Kaylee Gain’s family called for parents in the community to speak to their children about bullying and the terrible impact of violence.

Kaylee remains in hospital with catastrophic brain injuries and is yet to awake since the March 8 beating, as her family are hopeful that she will survive her ordeal, while the extent of her injuries continue to remain unknown.

A GoFundme fundraiser for Kaylee’s recovery as of Thursday had amassed over $376,000, with her family remaining adamant that they will seek justice for Kaylee, with many commentators on social media stating that she is in fact the real and only victim. Or is she?

And then there was this comment below on a social media thread which caught this author’s attention, see what you think?

‘Neither girl is innocent. Yes it will be made into a race thing, but there is more ridiculousness before the filming started. That white girl was NOT assaulted, she was fighting, and unfortunately she’s fighting for her life because of her own decision to engage in this confrontation. I hope children around the world see this and learn when to walk away and if it’s worth your life!’