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St Louis teen beaten, 15, yet to regain consciousness, full scope of injuries still unknown

Maurnice DeClue hearing to be charged as adult as CashApp for legal defense costs taken down.
Hearing for Maurnice DeClue whether to be charged as adult takes place as aunt states Maurnice DeClue CashApp taken down because of cruel people
Kaylee Gain, St Louis, Missouri teen girl beaten at hands of Maurnice DeClue fellow Hazelwood East High School student.
Kaylee Gain, St Louis, Missouri teen girl, yet to regain consciousness as Maurnice DeClue petition for compassion grows in signatures.

Kaylee Gain, St Louis, Missouri teen, captured on video enduring vicious beating, yet to regain consciousness, full scope of injuries still unknown as petition for Maurnice DeClue, the girl accused of repeatedly smashing her head on the concrete gathers momentum, demanding ‘compassion’ for her side of the story. 

The 15-year-old Missouri student seen on viral video enduring a vicious beating at the hands of another 15 year old teen girl outside St. Louis over 10 days ago, has yet to wake up according to her parents.

Kaylee Gain suffered a skull fracture and a brain bleed after having her head repeatedly smashed against the concrete ground by 15 year old ‘black’ teen, Maurnice DeClue amid a brawl involving other students at a lot outside school on the afternoon of March 8. 

Family to focus on getting justice after Kaylee’s condition improves

Kaylee was seen convulsing and twitching in video after her head was smashed repeatedly on the pavement following a brawl March 8 near Hazelwood East High School in Spanish Lake, Mo. Ten days after the incident, the teen had yet to regain consciousness and remained in a coma. 

‘The only medical information that the family feels comfortable sharing at this time is to confirm that Kaylee has suffered a fractured skull that resulted in brain bleeding and swelling,’ the family said via a statement from attorney Bryan M. Kaemmerer.

Doctors still do not know the full scope of her injuries because she still has not regained consciousness 10 days later, the statement said.

‘Kaylee’s parents want me to pass along their gratitude to the medical staff for their compassion and treatment, to the St. Louis County Police Department and the victim advocate that has been assigned to this case and the friends and family that reached out to them to express their love and support in these very trying times,’ the lawyer said in a statement.

The family said they will focus on getting justice for Kaylee after she recovers. Following the assault, DeClue was arrested. Missouri’s attorney general has called for the teen to be charged as an adult.

The family called for parents in the community to speak to their children about bullying and the terrible impact of violence. 

Kaylee Gain, St Louis, Missouri teen girl still unconscious after vicious beating involving fellow student, Maurnice DeClue.
Pictured Maurnice DeClue change org petition for compassion organized by 15 year old teen’s supporters.

Momentum for Maurnice DeClue petition gathers

They also pleaded with community members not to retaliate against anyone involved in the fight that left Kaylee critically injured.

Come Saturday DeClue’s family launched a legal defense fundraiser in which they stated that DeClue, an A grade student was not the aggressor and that her story also needed to be heard and that she had been tried in the court of public opinion. The fundraiser which had raised over $3K out of a $150K goal was taken down within a day of it being launched. 

That nevertheless didn’t preempt defenders of DeClue who maintain she ‘is the real victim’ and had been ongoing bullied at the hands of Kaylee, launching a change org petition titled, ‘Urge Chief Juvenile Officer Rick Gaines to Consider Maurnice Decluse’s Case with compassion’.

Come Monday, the petition which was started over the weekend had gathered 181 signatures. The petition went on to note that the case had been used to incite racial divisions and against the backdrop of a political agenda.

Wrote one commentator who identified as DeClue’s relative:

‘Although she is my niece, Maurnice has been exemplar in her pursuit of academics and life. Her character is being maligned without consideration of context. There are people using this situation for promotion and benefit of their political career. I give my support because I know who she is and she is just asking for a fair assessment of the situation.’