Home Scandal and Gossip Protesters warned to stop harassing Brian Laundrie parents as suspicion mounts

Protesters warned to stop harassing Brian Laundrie parents as suspicion mounts

Protesters warned to stop harassing Brian Laundrie parents
Protesters warned to stop harassing Brian Laundrie parents. Pictured,
Protesters warned to stop harassing Brian Laundrie parents
Protesters warned to stop harassing Brian Laundrie parents. Pictured, Marissa Zdazinsky aka  Molly Golightly being approached by North Point, Florida police. Image via social media.

Protesters warned to stop harassing Brian Laundrie parents. Marissa Zdazinsky aka Molly Golightly on YouTube issued police warning to keep distance after leaving pictures of Gabby Petito around North Point, Florida home. 

And it continues. Protestors taunting the parents of Brian Laundrie – whose girlfriend was slain during a cross-country road trip – are being warned to keep their distance.

The warning comes amid ongoing scuffles and ‘incidents’ in front of Chris and Roberta Laundrie‘s North Point, Florida home as the couple’s home increasingly becomes the focal point as to the saga of an idyllic young couple traveling out west gone horribly wrong. 

Outraged members of the public began gathering weeks ago outside Brian Laundrie parent’s home, who some suspect are shielding their son from justice as the missing man has yet to be found. 

Their 23-year-old son and his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, moved into a Ford Transit camper van in July to begin an epic sightseeing tour of the nation’s natural treasures.

He returned alone to his parent’s North Port home September 1, refusing to speak to authorities about Petito, who was reported missing and later found dead.

Mounting suspicions against parents

Laundrie has since gone on the run, and suspicions are mounting about how much his parents know about the case and possible involvement in shielding their son from justice.

Marissa Zdazinsky (who goes by Molly Golightly on YouTube) approached the Laundrie family’s home twice Sunday to leave pictures of Petito on the family’s doorstep.

Police soon arrived to caution her, and instructed other protestors to stop using bullhorns to torment the couple. 

As protestors continue to harass the Laundrie family, dad, Chris Laundrie was seen over the weekend clearing out parts of a tribute to Petito erected on his lawn. 

It includes flowers, pumpkins, and an enlarged photo of the smiling woman captioned: ‘remembered me?’

A neon yellow sign appeared to trigger Chris Laundrie, who marched across his lawn Saturday to rip it out according to images posted on social media. 

It’s not clear what the sign said.

Under pressure

Chris and Roberta Petito are under pressure to help police find their son, considered a person of interest in Petito’s strangulation.

Her body was found September 19 in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.

The case made international headlines after Brian Laundrie returned from the journey alone, hired a lawyer, and refused to cooperate with investigators.

He was reported missing September 17 by his parents.

The day before he disappeared, law enforcement officials said they considered him to be a person of interest in Petito’s disappearance.

The public has been suspicious of his parents, who through their lawyer have dismissed innuendo that they helped their son go into hiding.

‘A lot of oddness…’ 

The elder Laundries were the last ones to see their son before he disappeared.

They told police he was headed for the alligator-infested, 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve in Sarasota, Florida.

Investigators spent more than $1million scouring the area for Laundrie without success.

A North Port police officer previous said there is ‘a lot of oddness’ about Laundrie’s parents claims and admitted that part of their story ‘just didn’t make sense’.

Protestors are continuing to put pressure on the Laundrie family by shouting at them through megaphones, building tributes, and hounding his parents.

Last week, the parents used the cover of darkness to pick up their mail, remove empty white laundry baskets from their lawn and take down a tribute poster to Petito.

Video footage obtained exclusively by Fox News showed the couple emerging from their Florida home on a Sunday night to quickly clear their lawn and take a package from their mailbox.

The couple were seen picking up around 15 white plastic laundry baskets from their lawn after they were left there in protest. It appears to be a symbolic reference to protesters wanting the Laundrie family to air their dirty laundry and come clean with what they know about the case.