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British socialite steals $300K from dementia grandma to fund luxury lifestyle, avoids jail

Emily Evans-Schreiber steals $300K
Emily Evans-Schreiber steals $300K
Emily Evans-Schreiber steals $300K
Emily Evans-Schreiber steals $300K. Image via social media.

British socialite Emily Evans-Schreiber steals $300K from dementia grandma to fund luxury lifestyle, avoids jail. Being fabulous, broke and alcohol dependent. 

So close but so broke. A British socialite has been arrested after stealing close to  $300,000USD ( 230K British pounds from her dementia-suffering grandmother to fund her lavish lifestyle, including designer clothes and stays in Beverly Hills hotels, according to local reports.

Emily Rosina Evans-Schreiber, 38, had only about $50 in her bank account (haven’t we all been there kids…) when she was given control of her 94-year-old grandmother Rosina Evans’ finances in April 2018, a Northampton crown court heard Friday, according to the BBC.

The former model’s mother had become worried about her daughter’s ‘high life’ in London, and bought her a house in Naseby, tasking her with taking care of her grandmother, prosecutors said.

Her concerns were not for nothing.

Emily Evans-Schreiber steals $300K
Emily Evans-Schreiber steals $300K

Just 42 transactions close to $300,000 in bank transfers: 

Over the next eight months, Evans-Schreiber — who once worked as a fashion consultant for model Cara Delevingne — blew the cash on jet-setting, high-end hotels and cosmetic treatments, prosecutors said.

Eventually, her mom, Clare Evans-Schreiber, became suspicious about how her jobless daughter was managing to afford her luxury lifestyle — and called the bank, and yes, eventually police. 

Bank statements for Rosina’s account revealed 42 transactions close to $300,000 in transfers to Evans-Schreiber bank account, with items labeled ‘bills,’ ‘care’ and ‘savings.’

When police searched Evans-Schreiber’s dwellings in May 2019 they found ‘luxury products,’ including brand-name clothing, shoes, handbags and sunglasses.

She had also given just on $27,000 to her ex, Sam Oguche, the father of her now-eight-year-old daughter, according to the Daily Mail.

By the time police were called, only about $7,000 was left in the grandmother’s account. Rosina, who recently died, never knew (fortunately) of her granddaughter’s scheme, the court heard.

Evans-Schreiber pleaded guilty to one count of theft.

Emily Rosina Evans-Schreiber
Pictured, Emily Rosina Evans-Schreiber.

Please spare my life from this monstrosity: 

In pleading for leniency, the defense argued Evans-Schreiber had left behind enough cash to cover her grandma’s medical bills (at the very least…) and sent her flowers and chocolates. And one hopes designer chocolate, tea and crumpets.

‘She was out of control and wasn’t in her normal mental state,’ Carolina Guiloff said about her client.

‘It would be wrong for your honor to be left with the impression that this was a cold and callous woman who had no regard for her grandmother at all.’

Or would it?

Judge Rebecca Crane handed down the grand-daughter a two-year sentence, suspended for 20 months. Do you suppose? Evans-Schreiber must also do 150 hours of community service and attend an alcohol rehab program for six months.

The judge said her sentencing decision was ‘very difficult’ as Evans-Schreiber was the sole carer for her daughter. She also said Evans-Schreiber had previously battled depression and alcohol addiction. Yes kids, life can become incredible tricky and delicate when one’s self esteem goes down the chute. Not that you wouldn’t know….

‘Do not come to this court asking for a second chance,’ Judge Crane said. ‘That is what you have been given with this sentence.’

Which is to wonder, would Evans-Schreiber not be off to jail for a number of years had she not come from gilded stock? Never mind, grand-mom never knew. Or did she?