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Getting The Right Eyewear: What you need to know.

Choosing right eyewear
Choosing the right eyewear for you. Pictured, JLo. Image via Quay/Instagram
Choosing right eyewear
Choosing the right eyewear for you. Pictured, JLo. Image via Quay/Instagram

Choosing the right eyewear will depend on whether you have prescription needs, are opting simply for a fashion statement or perhaps even tending to a utilitarian need. 

One of the most underrated accessory pieces is eyewear. Most who opt for glasses have an issue with their eyesight and have prescription glasses. Whether by necessity or as a fashion statement, eyewear can be used to accentuate their style as well as keeping their eyes safe. 

Let us have a look at how you can go when trying out new eyepieces as accessories to boots your style.

   1. Check With Your Optician

You might want to check out with your optician first to ascertain the type of eyewear that you need and any seeing impairment you need resolved. There are loads of pieces that you can opt for depending on the condition you have. There are short and long-sighted glasses – which count as the most common prescriptions you can come across. There are also photochromic pieces that are suitable for light-sensitive persons.

The optician will help you look for the best piece that is suitable for you to help you with your impairment.

   2.  Pick The Right Frames

Whether you have a visual problem or not, you can still rock a nice pair of glasses. One thing that you need to decide is the frame itself and what makes it stand out. There are several frames that you can pick depending on your budget and taste.

You can opt for chrome frames on sunglasses especially those with a dark outline. Other frames are the rimless frames which look perfect when paired with the right outfit, mostly official wear. Other frames include wooden or sophisticated gold or silver frames. If you are on a budget you can opt for the coated types.

   3. Get Reading Glasses

For those dealing with eye sensitivity mostly on light sensitivity or difficulty in focusing when reading you can get distinct reading glasses. In this case, you can choose metal photochromic glasses – more so if you use a computer. This helps kill the glare and getting rid of eyestrain. 

Photochromic pieces can also be used outside especially if you are sensitive to the harsh ultraviolet rays. Metallic framed pieces are good for durability purposes.

   4. Sunglasses Never Disappoint

Along with adding style to your game, sunglasses often guard acting against sun rays which can make your eyes strain. Along with protecting against beach or sun glare, users can wear them while running, driving or while enjoying an iced latte at your favorite outdoor cafe. 

When selecting sunglasses look for a good piece that fits your face’s profile. A versatile pair is the aviator pieces which tend to best work for guys while exuding a macho feeling. Ensure that they are simple in a structure going for circular or slightly rectangular. For those opting for lens color – versatile shades such as black grey or brown offer a calm look.


Eyewear can be an important game changer when one is looking to up their fashion game. And even more so when negotiating bright terrain- such as the beach, or skiing. And for many of us- eyewear is a necessity dealing with light sensitivity, far or near sightedness or any other eye prescription. And of course one needn’t forgo fashion sensibilities and accessories which complement their face and appearance. 

Go for simplistic pieces but first consult with your optician on the best eyeglasses to don. You can also go for contact lenses to make your eyes have a stand out style.