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Handy Car Insurance Tips For New Drivers

Car insurance tips
Car insurance tips for new drivers. Image via Pixnio.
Car insurance tips
Car insurance tips for new drivers. Image via Pixnio.

Handy Car Insurance Tips For New Drivers: What to be mindful of when negotiating car insurance, from mileage, payment timing, improve excess and bundle choices.

Buying a new car is one of the great joys of adulthood. After months of sitting in a car beside an instructor, you finally have the chance to hop in the front seat alone and enjoy the road as a real driver. The process of buying a car can be stressful and there are a lot of things to consider, and there is nothing more important to think about than insurance. 

Out of all of the costs and considerations to take in as a new driver, insurance is by far the biggest and most crucial of them all. Car insurance is a legal requirement and it is something which will protect not only you but all other road users too. 

Surfing through endless car insurance companies can be a daunting task, and choosing the right deal from the many available can also be a challenge. It is important therefore for you to choose wisely and do lots of research along the way. Today we are going to take a look at the ways you can save money this year. 

Compare Quotes

There’s no point getting auto insurance with the first company that gives you a quote. It makes sense to get a few quotes and go with one that offers cheap car insurance. Before you accept the quote, make sure it’s the right policy for your needs.

The last thing you want to do is end up with an insurance policy that doesn’t quite meet your needs.

Limit your mileage

When going through a quote for your car insurance you will be asked what mileage you expect to use each year. When it comes to calculating this it is important for you to go on the lower end of the scale because it will reduce the cost. 

Try to pay annually

It can be difficult for you if you have a small wage to consider a yearly payment of your car insurance, however, if you can do it, you should. Paying your insurance once a year rather than every month is much cheaper and it will stop you over paying for your insurance. Plus, if you can get the payment out of the way with at the start of the year it will save you forking out for it every month! 

Improve security

When you come to buy a car and complete an insurance quote you will be asked questions about the general security of the car. For example you will be asked where the car will be parked when you go to work or when you get home at night, and this can have an effect on the price. Your insurance company will want to see that you have your car parked in a safe place and your costs will go down because they will be less at risk of having to pay if it gets stolen. 

Increase excess 

Excess is the amount of money you are willing to pay for your car when it has been in an accident and damaged. The more you can pay for this, the cheaper your insurance will be because your insurance company can see that you have taken a genuine effort to look after your own property. 

Build that no claims 

This is something which will be a long term fix for your car insurance costs and an important one. When it comes to building your no claims bonus, you will want to drive safely and avoid any incidents on the road. For every year you can do this without a scrape; you will earn a discount on your insurance which can be a real help later down the line. 

Get a bundle 

Even though there are companies who specifically focus on one insurance or another, there are also many companies who offer a bundle of insurances which will help you save some money. For example, companies like Admiral offer house and car insurance together and this is something which can be great for you because it is not only cheaper, but it is easier for you to arrange and stay on top of. 

Think about a black box

For a new driver, you will usually notice that your car insurance price is a lot more than you would want it to be. However this doesn’t have to be too expensive and you can still reduce the cost by being safe on the road. For example, you can think about using a black box in the car which will record your driving habits and keep you safe on the road. Installing a black box is a great idea because it will allow you to save money on driving as you are being monitored and will therefore be more likely to drive safe. 

Use these handy tips today to make a decision on your car insurance and ensure that you stay safe on the road this year.