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Winston-Salem man calling cops on black woman swimming at her own pool is now fired

Jasmine Edwards
Pictured Adam Bloom and Winston-Salem resident, Adam Bloom demands Winston-Salem, black resident, ,
Jasmine Edwards
Pictured Adam Bloom and Winston-Salem resident, Jasmine Edwards (inset).

Adam Bloom demands Winston-Salem, black resident, Jasmine Edwards, show id in order to use residential pool. Becomes social pariah.

###UPDATE: Perhaps it was inevitable and speaks volumes of having to deal with a social pariah on one’s staff and one’s public reputation in shatters. But following video of Winston-Salem man, Adam Bloom seeking to deny an African American resident to her own neighborhood pool, in a form of overt and not too subtle form of ‘racial profiling,’ SONOCO on Friday announced that Bloom was no longer employed by the packaging and industrial products company. In its statement the outlet said it didn’t condone discrimination of any kind, even if it happens outside its workplace.

Original story: Also going viral is video of a white man demanding a black female show him identification proving she had access to an upscale North Carolina neighborhood pool. 

The video caught on tape depicted a confrontation between Winston-Salem resident, Jasmine Edwards and Adam Bloom, who demanded the woman prove she had legitimate access to the ritzy pool.

The shake down underscored the implicit notion that individuals with the wrong skin color are to never be fully trusted to be complying with the law or simply rich enough to afford to live in a nice community with pool trappings (unless they’re obviously drug dealers, sporting stars, rappers or hard working citizens).

Noted footage caption to the video since going viral upon being shared on Facebook: This is a classic case of racial profiling in my half a million $$ neighborhood pool. This happened to me and my baby today. What a shame!!’

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Adam Bloom joins new trend of white people reporting law-abiding people of color in everyday life.

Video shows Adam, ever vigilant and ever anxious about only letting approved residents using the neighborhood pool calling cops after the woman is unable or unwilling to produce the identification Adam insists she needs to put out. Not that Adam needs to put out. 

An attending police officer points to a sign by the enclosure which states that pool users only need a pool entry card to get into the pool, which the harassed black woman states she has in her possession.

To which the ever vigilant Adam responds, ‘Ok, let’s see if it works’. 

Retorts Edwards, ‘Where does it say that I have to show an ID to use my pool? My own pool’.

‘It doesn’t say she has to show an ID anywhere,’ another resident says in the background.

Adam Bloom
Pictured a defeated Adam Bloom as it slowly dawns on him that Jasmine Edwards is allowed to use the pool.

Adam Bloom becomes America’s latest social media pariah: #PoolPatrolPeter

Not unsurprisingly the incident has left a sour taste in America’s taste buds as the country is once again reminded that its history is indeed steeped in avid racism and exploitation of minorities and the unrelenting trend of racial profiling which some white people like to use to keep black people and other minorities at bay and reminded what they can and can’t do. In small doses of course.

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