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White Ohio woman calls cops on ‘suspicious’ black boy delivering newspapers

Uriah Sharp
Pictured Upper Arlington, Ohio mother and son, Brandi and Uriah Sharp
Uriah Sharp
Pictured Upper Arlington, Ohio mother and son, Brandie and Uriah Sharp

African American mother, Brandie Sharp responds to Upper Arlington, Ohio police being called on her ‘suspicious’ son, Uriah Sharp after a white neighbor calls police as the 12 year old ‘black’ boy delivered newspapers.

In the latest instance of apparent racial profiling comes the case of a white Ohio woman calling police upon noticing a black boy delivering newspapers in the neighborhood which she regarded as ‘suspicious’.

Which is to wonder, would the boy have been suspicious had his skin color been white as opposed to black?

It all happened last Friday on Uriah Sharp’s first day and first ever job. Unfortunately for the youth, Uriah had delivered the papers to the wrong homes and was forced to go back and retrieve them.

Watching from her window was a neighbor who believing the African American youth was ‘acting suspiciously’ called police.

Brandie Sharp: ‘[I am] totally disgusted and disturbed that this kind of behavior still exists’.

The incident led to the boy’s mother, Brandie Sharp, who was with her son at the time, posting about the experience on Facebook.

According to the mom, police pulled up to ask mother and son whether they were ‘intruding in the area?’

Posted an outraged Brandie, ‘[I am] totally disgusted and disturbed that this kind of behavior still exists’.

The 911 caller told police it originally looked to her like the mother and son were delivering newspapers: ‘but I noticed they were walking up to the houses with nothing in hand and one of them came back with something’.

‘I mean, I don’t want to say something was going on, but it just seemed kind of suspicious,’ she said, ABC reported.

Posted the mom, ‘[It is] sad I can’t even teach my son the value of working without someone whispering and looking at us out the side of their eye perhaps because we don’t “look like a person that belongs in their neighborhood”,’

‘My apologies Upper Arlington for bringing my 12-year-old African American son into your neighborhood to deliver the paper and make a few dollars on the side… NO HARM INTENDED.’ 

Cops called on Uriah and Brandie Sharp: Latest episode of white people betraying racial bias.

Upper Arlington Police responded to Brandie Sharp’s post, which quickly went viral, claiming police ‘quickly determined’ there was no issue after attending the call out to ‘suspicious activity’. 

‘The first officer to arrive quickly determined it was a team of people delivering printed advertising materials and reported back that there was no issue,’ the post read.

The police said it would be more common to see people approach front doors in coming weeks, as rules about how papers and pamphlets can be delivered.

‘For some context, UA recently enacted a law placing more stringent requirements on the delivery of printed materials, such as advertising packets, to help reduce littering. 

‘Deliveries must be made to specific locations, such as on a porch or through a mail slot in the front door.  This has changed the patterns of delivery people, since they are required to walk up to each home to correctly deliver these materials.’

Uriah said he will keep helping mom, but he is uncomfortable after the experience with police- who insisted that racial profiling paid no part in police being called.

Sharp said she wishes the caller would have reached out to them instead first, and asked what was going on. The mother has since pledged to change their paper route to avoid the neighborhood.

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