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‘You have a bomb’ Rose Hamid Muslim woman in hijab thrown out by Donald Trump

Rose Hamid
Did Donald Trump go too far in having silent Muslim protester, Rose Hamid thrown out of a town hall gathering?
Rose Hamid
Did Donald Trump go too far in having silent Muslim protester, Rose Hamid thrown out of a town hall gathering?

Discontent has come to the fore after Muslim woman Rose Hamid was forcibly escorted out of a Donald Trump rally in South Carolina Friday night.

Standing in silence while wearing a hijab in an act of defiance against the GOP Presidential hopeful, the woman caught the attention of Trump supporters as the aspiring politician went on to suggest in comments that refugees fleeing fighting in Syria were affiliated with ISIS.

At the time the 56-year-old flight attendant had been directly seated behind Trump as he went on to make his speech to gathered supporters in the town of Rock Hill when she rose in defiance.

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Also led from the hall by police was a man seated next to Hadid, Marty Rosenbluth.

As the two were led from the hall, Trump supporters booed them and shouted at them to ‘get out.’

Addressing the woman being escorted off the premises, Major Steven Thompson of the Rock Hill Police Department told CNN  Hamid was kicked because the campaign told him beforehand that ‘anybody who made any kind of disturbance’ should be escorted out.

Define disturbance? Define due political process? Define freedom to disagree?

Told the woman after being ejected: ‘The ugliness really came out fast and that’s really scary.’

Rose Hamid went on to tell of one supporter screaming out, ‘You have a bomb! You have a bomb!’

The hubris comes after statements by Trump in the wake of recent terrorist activity in the United States at the hands of presumed Islamic terrorists and sympathizers where the leading GOP contender called for a temporary ban on the US accepting Muslim refugees.

Offered the outspoken billionaire businessman who has tapped into national discontent with their lot after Rose Hamid’s forced ejection: ‘There is hatred against us that is unbelievable,’

‘It’s their hatred, it’s not our hatred.’

Or is it?

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  • Randy56

    For about as long as you’ve been turning tricks in your 1961 VW bus

  • JaneJones

    Stop projecting your fantasies onto other people. Not everybody has your lifestyle. By the way, how long have you been HIV+?

  • Randy56

    Not an analysis, just a statement of fact.
    And better drool than the cum that so often drips out the side of your mouth…

  • JaneJones

    You are absolutely correct about these “good muslims” supporting the terrorists in secret. Islam is not and has never been a religion of peace. It always gained converts by rape, pillage, oppression, war, and terror even as far back as the 700’s. I have moslem family members. They are family so I don’t hate them but I do hate their disgusting religion and their attitude. I know a lot more about this religion than all the libtards who have no real personal acquaintance with it. It is a nasty religion.

  • JaneJones

    Not the most sophisticated analysis there Randy. Is there drool hanging out the side of your mouth very often by any chance?

  • JaneJones

    Rose Hamid was only there to cause trouble. How would anybody know what level of trouble she was after. It turns out she just wanted attention and to cause a scene but she could have been there to commit a terrorist act instead. How would anybody know. She is a big lady and I also would have wondered if she had a suicide vest on because you can’t tell if all that mass is all her or not. She would make better use of her time by staying home and waxing off that dark mustache she has going. She hasn’t hurt Trump’s campaign if that is what she was trying to do. The people who love Trump love him precisely because he doesn’t put up with her kind of crap (showing up to shove her sick religion in the face of people who don’t care for it). All she did was cement in people’s minds why they are loyal to him. I didn’t start out a Trump fan at all but he is even starting to win me over with his consistency. He isn’t backing down to all the libtards one bit. Good for him. I wouldn’t have voted for him a few months ago but I’ll vote for him now if it he is the nominee. I’ll vote for Ted Cruz as well and for Rand Paul, who unfortunately has no chance even though he is probably the best of them all. But at least Ted Cruz and Donald Trump will stand up to the libtards so either one will get my vote.

  • Luigi Valentino

    Rosa HAMid was just looking for her 15 minutes of fame. She was also there to encourage “IslamoFAUXbia.” With all the homegrown Islamic terrorism going on right now, I find it appalling that she’s a flight attendant! After the stunt Rosa Hamid pulled last night, she should be placed at the top of the NO FLY LIST. She claims her intentions were “to let people see a real Muslim.” (As if she were an animal displayed at a petting zoo.) In reality she was there to protest, stir up trouble and be interviewed by every Trump hating media outlet. Trying her damnedest to damage his poll ratings and reputation. This just gave Donald some more FREE campaign air time. Thanks Rosa. Your deceitful plan back fired. You were escorted out because you were a protester deliberately dressed to instigate trouble. When a woman dressed like you stands up in the middle of a speech, vigilant people are going to respond accordingly. Who’s to say there wasn’t a suicide bomb vest under that stylish hijab. Everyone should becareful in America today. Open Eyes Save Lives. There’s no room for political correctness. We just can afford it and weve lost the priveledge.

    Since Islam teaches that a Muslim should lie and break agreements with non Muslims these people can not be trusted. They are the source of support for Islamic terrorists. CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are radical Islamic sympathizers disguised as players of the “Islamophobia” card. DO NOT LET THESE ORGANIZATIONS FOOL YOU!

    “But there are ‘good’ Muslims,” you might say. Yes, these “good” Muslims, like Rosa, are the ones that don’t say anything about the BAD Muslims building pipe bombs in their garages. The “good” Muslims, like Rosa, also secretly find JOY and great PLEASURE in TERRORIST acts. All in the name of Allah. “Allahu Akbar!”

  • Randy56

    These “trump-fart-people” just get more disgusting every day.