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#OpMcKinney: Anonymous releases Corporal Eric Caseblot’s address offers $200 bounty

How far will Anonymous go in outing the McKinney Police Department and those who it believes targeted children?

Using the social media hashtag #OpMcKinney, hactivist group Anonymous have begun a campaign targeting both McKinney Police Department and staff member, Corporal Eric Casebolt in relation to Saturday’s McKinney pool incident.

In a series of veiled threats/tweets the group have indicated that they are in possession of the police officer’s address who had exhibited questionable use of force in response to Saturday’s milieu which according to many saw the cop coerce black youths and target them.

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According to a report via vocativ, the twitter account has already published what it claims is the address of the officer in the video (no address at present seems to exist on twitter, unless it had been taken down?) as well as the address of the vice president of the local Police Union and contact information for several other local officials.

In a series of tweets which began over ten hours ago, the group also tweeted the following:

Eric Casebolt, we know you are active on socialmedia and you will find and read this. Do the right thing and resign

Eric Casebolt’s only punishment will be a paid vacation if you don’t speak up now.

Upping the ante, the group has also now offered a $200 ‘bounty’ for information related to another man who was photographed at the scene. Reads the tweet: Who is he? And why was he permitted to assist police and touch the children? One user,  3m3 minutes ago  in turn momentarily tweeted the following: I believe the overweight guy in the tan shirt is named Skip Davis. Head of the homeowners association.

In turn #OpMcKinney urges users to contact the McKinney officials—various email addresses and phone numbers are being circulated online—and demand that Casebolt be fired.

Reflects the dailydot: It’s unclear what precautions, if any, officials are taking with regards to the Anonymous. The group has infiltrated the computer systems of law enforcement in the past and released personal information, including home addresses and Social Security numbers, of police officers. The McKinney Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

At present it is not necessarily understood if the social media account is legitimate and whether users behind the account intend to ‘punish’ (and to what degree?) or out those individuals it holds culpable for Saturday’s milieu?

It is not the first time the hacker group has used vigilante justice to bring ju stice to causes that it believes the public seeks answers to, with previous instances having seen Anonymous out the wrong individuals, often causing said individual’s irreparable harm and again raising the question whether anonymous bears the right to impart its special brand of justice?



  1. Thank you for that I needed to hear that .. Thank you I’ve been so distraught over this I was beginning to believe the world truly hate the black race if they couldn’t see the harm he has done. I’m sure for most of those kids it was their first time experiencing that type of treatment.

  2. Sydvixen – every white American I personally know is outraged, disgusted, and furious about this. Those white loons that are defending this criminal Casebolt maybe be white, but they don’t represent all white Americans.

  3. “they think they can just rule and own the law” – you mean the criminals with the badges?

  4. If you view kids having fun in a pool danger than you need to stay in the house. Everybody had their say one side has video the other has Zero with a whole lot of let me cover .y ass stories.
    One question that no one seem to have an answer for: Where’s the neighbor’s video? If all that craziness was going on you mean to tell me not one person thought to get it on video? Usually when something is being terrorized they grab their recording device instantly! That one assault had a grown woman beating a 14 year old on her head. You guys are so racist you choose not to believe your own kind. Which tells me you’ve already put those sweet innocent white kids in a specific category which rhymes with bigger covers .. Am I correct? Yea I’m sure I am because you always believe your race over any others. Except when it comes to actually believing the white adults was the negligent party.
    I assume you did your homework, you seen Grace’s tweets and Brandon’s interview but yet you blame the media and black kids. I bet you didn’t notice that the assaulted 14yr. old did leave but when officer Rambo heard her say he shouldn’t be cursing at kids he said that it and ran over to her so yes she did leave.
    I just never knew your type hate that much that you would believe words over video and kids. Not one parent of any of the white kids said anything relating to “the other side”. But stay in your bubble because its more to come people are recording everything now. As soon as I see a different race I’m recording just in case one of you want to say a racist slur. In my experience its was always the white people that showed racism and you know its true.. Oh you my have that token “friend” that lick your boots and you’ll prance him around so you can seen colorblind but their fools also.

  5. These Kids makes me sick, they think they can just rule and own the law, They need to get a freaking hobby and stop harassing citizens. They are so out of control. I hope Eric casebolt gets his job back. Just imagine if you were trying to control a freaking out of control kids that don’t respect the law? Jesus, She needs to be lock up before she really hurts more people. That cop was just trying to do his job and defend himself just like anybody would if there was danger around you.

  6. You are so right I found out the same thing I was told “I wasn’t a victim because my mothers car wasn’t in my name” … My mother was dying with dementia, her car was stolen the Sergeant told me (excuse me) YELLED at me laughed as if I was lying and told me I had to wait for my mother to die to report it stolen. I’m so sick of the discrimination I could vomit in their faces. If I was stronger and didn’t fear for my life I would’ve made it public what happened to my mother’s property. But I have to live for my special needs kids they only have me who loves them so I have to take the abuse that the police department spewed because they didn’t want to believe my mother was wealthy and had expensive things in her home and the insurance won’t pay without a police report so her car is gone, her coin collections are gone, her bank account depleted, her Lennox crystal collection gone, two Amish electric fireplaces gone, two Eden pure heaters gone, new ride on lawn mower gone, jewelry gone, the only thing that was left was her piano. Had I been an Amy with a high pitched voice they would hurried and made a report and featured in the news for any leads please contact etc..
    There will be no next time I have nothing left

  7. Well, You have a point. But the police have demonstrated a lack of common sense and restraint when dealing with the public. I personally have a policy of avoiding the police for my own safety, as I simply have a face they don’t like, and a mouth they like even less. The last time I called the police, a scumbag business partner had stolen my personal property. The cops came and issued a restraining order against me, when I had called them, effectively helping the scumbag steal from me. Said scumbag was wearing a tie, and I was wearing work clothes. The cops immediately took his side. It was sickening. When I complained, they threatened me with arrest. So, I stand here with my real name, not anonymously, and tell the world that I truly do not trust any cop to do the right thing without bias.

  8. isn’t about fighting for justice its about
    picking a target with little evidence and zero context and trying to
    destroy their lives

    thought you were talking about the criminal justice system for a moment

  9. Because anonymous activism isn’t about fighting for justice its about
    picking a target with little evidence and zero context and trying to
    destroy their lives because you the anonymous activist have zero
    accountability in what you do. And of course complete lack of
    accountability displays all sorts of virtue and character and makes you a
    good person right? 1

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