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Dajerria Becton: Eric Caseblot manhandled me. Was she drinking and smoking weed?

Dajerria Becton
Dajerria Becton. How did one local McKinney, Texas girl come to be involved and was she one of the teens allegedly transgressing at a private party?

Dajerria Becton aka Keef Cakez on social media has been identified as the 14 year old McKinney, Texas teenage girl who came to be manhandled at the hands of Corporal Eric Casebolt.

In a video uploaded by 15 year old white teen Brandon Brooks an entire nation has come to wonder out aloud what led to Saturday’s confrontation which saw the police officer short of assaulting the young black woman and withdrawing a gun at two teens who came to the young woman’s assistance after she was unceremoniously grabbed by her braids and dragged to the ground.

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New McKinney Pool video surfaces: ‘They started it, it was not racial.’

In an exclusive with Fox4 the manhandled teen told: I’m guessing he thought we were saying rude stuff to him,’

‘He grabbed me, twisted my arm on my back and shoved me in the grass and started pulling the back of my braids. I was telling him to get off me because my back was hurting bad.’

Added the girl’s aunt: ‘It wasn’t right, I think his force was excessive.’

The teenager, who said she had not been involved in the fight reported to police, said she hopes officials take the incident seriously.

‘Him getting fired is not enough,’ she said.

The teen would add that she had been invited to Saturday’s pool party and had not been involved in an fight which broke out after patrons took umbrage at uninvited ‘black guests’ who had come along uninvited, with one individual having told black attendees: ‘Go back to ‘Section 8 housing.’

That said, there is indication prior to the arrival of cops, uninvited attendees had come to cause mischief and resentment amongst guests at the private pool party taking place at Craig Ranch North Community Pool.

Told one social media commentator, Bryan Gestner: ‘I was there. I am the ‘bald white Cracka.’ This was a twitter party that turned into a mob event. Jumping pool fence. Assaulting 2 security guards, attacking a mother with 3 little girls. The video doesn’t show everything y’all. Kids were drinking and smoking weed and didn’t give 1 fuck about the parents and children around. This is not about race. This is about outside kids invading our neighborhood and had no respect for authority or the residents there.’

Dajerria Becton

Nevertheless questions have been raised as to the degree in which Corporal Eric Casebolt, who has served ten years on the force came to handle Saturday’s incident and to what degree institutional racism played a part in the way McKinney Police Department chose to handle the milieu. 

The video, which was posted online shortly after the incident, shows the cop pushing Dajerria to the ground and pinning her down by leaning on her with both of his knees.

The unarmed teenager is heard on the video screaming: ‘Call my momma! Call my momma! Oh God.’

As Casebolt struggles to maintain control, he is also seen pulling out his gun at two boys.

‘I felt like he was actually getting ready to hurt someone,’ one witness, 13-year-old Jahda Bakari, added to KTVT.

‘They were trying to make us leave, but if we ran, they’d chase after us, and if we stayed, then they’d arrest us.’

That said there have also been questions as to the actual age of the teen who came to be manhandled with the girl’s twitter handle acknowledging she is not 14 but rather 19.

Since Saturday’s incident, Eric Casebolt has been put on administrative leave, while McKinney Police department investigates the incident. 

Of note the suspended officer was named McKinney’s department’s Officer of the Year in 2008.

Dajerria Becton

Dajerria Becton

Dajerria Becton

Dajerria Becton

Dajerria Becton

Dajerria Becton

Keef Cakez

Keef Cakez

Keef Cakez

Keef Cakez



  1. Wrong person. Dajerria is only 14 or 15. That 19 year old is another woman. This article pictured the wrong woman.

  2. It seems like all the criminal officers receive officer of the year during their criminal career. Very interesting. Well now he gets to go hide! Have fun with that dawg!

  3. TruthTeller, take a chill pill and do some critical thinking yourself. Don’t start going off after reading an article. A poorly written one at that.

  4. These girls are cute and young with their whole lives ahead of them. In a way I’m happy this happened to them so that they learn how important it for them to become a Prosecutor, judge or city commissioner…

    I see these same white people walk around my subdivision with their new metal knee and hip… I know they’re jealous the youth. This article was written by a douche-Bag!

  5. Miss know it all the assaulted teen was 14years old, and everybody ran over there when Rambo threw her around like that it was a reaction to an action. And the minute he pulled a guns they backed up then he got up that’s when they ran. If you have a problem with black people tell every black person you see don’t have balls behind a fake name on the screen. And tyi she did leave stinky balls ran after her because she said he should curse at kids. Get your fact straight fool. Go back to school “her on twitter”. Speak proper English

  6. This article is so full of errors I’m about to apply for the writer’s job. How can an article have the wrong name the wrong picture and the wrong ages the only things you can verify with question they got wrong. Just a sad alleged interview.

  7. The video is there for all to see. Clearly 15 year old Dajerria was manhandled by that rambo racist cop. Clearly Tatyana was the one in the fight with the racist white women who double teamed her.

  8. This article is the biggest fail of all. Of course don’t expect much from the racists. But what a total fail considering this idiot doesn’t even know that the girl he is posting pictures of is not Dajerria Becton.

  9. Her own Twitter says she is 19. She’s no child, she’s an adult. Everybody else gets their picture published. She’s no different. If the young woman had left with her other two friends, none of it would have happened. The gun got pulled because those two guys ran up behind the cop like they were about to attack him. The minute he turned on them, they scattered like cockroaches.

  10. What is the point of showing these pictures of this young person? I don’t get it… but I did save the post.

  11. I’m not blind, not all black people alike this is Tatiana she’s 19 year old that got into the altercation with the adults that were saying racial sluts that started the whole bit. The young lady that was swung on the ground what 13-15 (depending on who you ask). Now I don’t know if they fabricated that story, and edited to what a typical victim would say, or if they actually did do an interview her but put Tatiana’s pictures on here so that the CHILD won’t be looked at as a victim any more. Or maybe both. Either way, the article is wrong. JS

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