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Carter Reynolds video twitter reaction: ‘We slay the haters’

Carter Reynolds video reaction
Can Carter Reynolds simply do no wrong …?

Since apologizing on social media for his leaked video on Tuesday, social media idol, Carter Reynolds less than savory attitude towards coercion, sexual harassment of 16 year old minor, Maggie Lindemann has led to fierce debate on social along with a slew of hashtags pledging support to ‘slay the haters.’

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Yesterday saw two trending hashtags championing (and at the same time the flood of detractors) the controversial 19 year old social media idol: #WeLoveYouCarter #ReynoldsToTheEnd whilst Thursday morning incredulously has brought out new trending hash tags championing the 19 year old: #CartersBooSquad #ForYouCarterReynolds.

Debate between those camps who have pledged to support their idol in the face of less than admirable behavior and Reynolds insisting he is the ‘real victim’ has led to a wrath of back and forth reactions.

Reactions which question whether a teen idol can supplant his loyal social media fan base to deflect negative reactions and more acutely why so many followers have abetted Reynold’s actions and attitude which hints to the ongoing pervasive sexual debasement of women.

Have a look at the back and forth reactions and see what you think? Can a social media idol remain infallible …?