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Carter Reynolds video: #WeLoveYouCarter fans pledge support, ‘still our hero’

Carter Reynolds. How one sexist’s social media clout may have led to him getting away with sexual harassment …

Whilst Carter Reynolds made have delivered what many have considered a pathetic so so statement explaining why he attempted to coerce 16 year old minor ex girlfriend Maggie Lindemann to do the dirty on the 19 year old (’cause couples do that stuff …’), fans are in no mood to abandon ‘their hero’.

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In two new hashtag threads that have been fast gaining momentum,  and  has seen supporters of the social media persona gaining increasing support and being excused for his behavior.

Tweeted one user: ‘…no matter what happens I’ll be here for you. Just forget about the haters. God bless you.’

Whilst other social media users remain less than thrilled with their ‘idol.’ Twitted one user on the thread: Seeing trend honestly disgusts me. He doesn’t deserve anyone’s love and support, what he did was wrong. This being social media where trends come and go in a heart beat, a new hashtag this afternoon has stirred to life, perhaps to directly address those who see no wrong in Reynold’s behavior:  That said, it’s not necessarily understood why so many followers have come to overlook Reynold’s sexist behavior and how and to what degree this reflects prevailing attitudes towards women and sexual harassment. Or whether as a star, even a 19 year old sexist social media idol can always rely on their fan base to regain shiny heights. See what you think …?