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Pascal Durer, German rapist took 94 selfies during 2 attacks.

Pascal Durer
Was it a desire to preserve the moment? To elevate it to a heightened level…?

Pascal Durer a German rapist has confessed to raping two women, a 14 year old girl and a 20 year old woman. He would also confess that he took up to 94 selfies during the attacks as well…

In the first attack, on a February morning, 22-year-old Pascal Durer was on his way home from a party when he spotted the 14-year-old girl on her bike on the way to a morning church service. He forced her to stop and dragged her to a garage, where he raped her for hours, taking 37 selfies of himself with the victim.

The same month, he attacked the 20-year-old woman as she walked home about 5 a.m. from a train station, dragging her into a school playground where he raped her on a table tennis table. This time he snapped 57 selfies.

From there Durer kept the pictures on his Samsung cellphone for his own pleasure, which would inevitably lead to investigators being able to extract a confession after cops came across the pictures on the man’s phone.

During trial in the northern German town of Buxtehude, Pascal Durer would admit to taking the photographs.

His lawyer, Heiko Granzin, confirmed his client had made a full confession. The case was adjourned so the man could undergo psychiatric evaluation to find out if he was likely to carry out further attacks.

His colleagues at the carpentry firm where he worked said they were shocked to learn he was the sex attacker that terrorized the region at the start of the year.

Offered the man’s boss Uwe Kappler: ‘He was always a good worker and was really reliable. Nobody here would have thought he was capable of something like this.’

Pascal Durer

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