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Morgan Geyser’s father encouraged Slender Man obsession

Morgan Geyser's father
Was it just a family fascination or an obsession that went out of control?

Morgan Geyser‘s obsession with gore and violence was encouraged by her father, this after the father, Matt Geyser often proudly showcased his daughter’s absorption of dark, violent Gothic styled themes.

Did the internet turn Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier into sociopaths? 

Creepypasta baffled by Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser 

Anissa Weier’s brother, William Weier: ‘She couldn’t tell the difference between dreams and reality.’ 

Slender Man myth leads to 12 year olds stabbing classmate to prove it’s real. 

In one instance the father took to proudly posting a sketch the 12-year-old drew of Slender man, a stylized ghoulish child like killer on Instagram.

Beneath his daughter’s picture Matt Geyser wrote: ‘Only Mogo (Morgan) draws Slenderman in crayon on a napkin when we are out to dinner.’

Perhaps not by coincidence, the UK’s dailymail notes Matt Geyser is an avid death metal fan, who uses the Instagram name, Deadboy420.

Email addresses linked to Matt Geyser’s name and address on public records include the words ‘ILOVEEVIL’ or variously ‘ILOVEEVIL666’.

The father’s account, since the attempted murder having now gone private reportedly shows a variety of images championing gore, the occult and fictional nefarious characters who perpetrate violence.

Morgan Geyser's father
Morgan Geyser napkin drawing posted on Matt Geyser’s instagram page

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Morgan Geyser’s mother, Angie also took to posting images portending to gore, doom and evil, including that of skulls and grave yards.

Whether the family’s fascination, or could we dare wonder, obsession (as it would turn out for Morgan Geyser) was a simple outlet or a more malevolent activity is open to interpretation.

What though gives clues as to the level of preoccupation with the dark themes as propagated by the Slender Man mythology and other Gothic like characters is the fact that both Morgan Geyser and her accomplice Anissa Weier had been plotting the crime for months.

Both suspects have since told police they tried to kill their friend because of their obsession with Slender Man, a character they discovered on a website called Creepypasta Wiki, which is devoted to horror stories and the perpetration of violence.

 Tellingly when talking with police, Geyser said she was sorry but would then told a detective, ‘It was weird that I didn’t feel remorse.’

Geyser would then tell what she did was ‘probably wrong.’

A response which raises disturbing questions as to the girl’s state of mind, her parental guidance and her inability to tell from right or wrong, reality from fiction or perhaps reluctance to even adhere to moral codes of what came under transgressive behavior, not that attempting to kill another human for the sake of a legend wouldn’t strike most human beings wildly wrong, never mind probably wrong….

Morgan Geyser's father
A birthday card the father gave to Morgan Geyser’s mother
Morgan Geyser's father
Morgan Geyser

Morgan Geyser's father



  1. Cool, some modern day “Satanic panic” tabloid trash. Someone has the slightest interest in things that closed minded norms deem “weird” or “abnormal” that automatically means they are deviant criminals.

    I’d be much more concerned if her parents were Christians. Talk about worshipers of death, the eat the flesh and drink the blood of some Jewish zombie to gain eternal life. Now, that is scary.

  2. The Geysers and Weiers are worthless piece of garbage parents that should be eliminated hopefully sooner than later. Cool if someone cut their reproductive systems out.

  3. Slender man is going to pay a one time visit to daddy and help him shave that ugly goty off his chin and then do as he taught his daughter

  4. It’s time to hold parents of under age criminals accountable.
    I blame them more then the 12 year old and goodness knows what else has transpired in that household.

  5. I’m going to give the parents the benefit of the doubt and assume that for them, all this stuff was just an outlet for self expression/amusement. Unfortunately, it went too far until no one recognized that it had crossed the line. We are warned not to allow anything to become an idol in our lives and that’s what I believe might have happened here. It could happen to any of us – when things like this happen, it’s a reminder to all of us to make sure we have every aspect in our lives in the proper perspective.

  6. *sigh* This is exactly the kind of story where people look to gothic subculture and cry “oh noes! that person really must be evil!” Does this mean since I have black tattoo art all over me, including four pentagrams, that people on this site are going to run away from me? (Heh, I have crosses, too)

    Uh, no. Nobody should be scared of Morgan Geyser or her parents for having an affinity for “skulls and all those creepy things”. Morgan Geyser is a sociopath who just so happened to wear black. Anissa Wier, while probably not as full-blown as her accomplice, allowed herself to be heavily influenced by her, and did so with consent.

  7. Wow, he uploaded one picture of a drawing he was proud of his daughter for, he didn’t fanatically force her into believing she had to try to take another humans life away to feel accepted by a fake creature.
    Grow up.

  8. How old was this child when her parents encouraged her interest in this kind of “entertainment?”

    I can’t really judge fairly without knowing how graphic these horror stories are & whether they are totally inappropriate for minors.

    I wonder what kind of background/reputation Anissa Weier & her family have? Are they also ‘odd’ or was this a young child who was a follower & followed a very disturbed girl?

    And I hope Morgan’s father understands how he led his daughter to self-destruct at the expense of a totally innocent child.

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