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Anissa Weier’s brother, William Weier: ‘She couldn’t tell the difference between dreams and reality.’

 William Weir
Brother tells that his sister couldn’t tell the difference between reality or dreams…

Anissa Weier‘s brother, William Weir has come out this evening to tell that his younger sister could not tell the difference between ‘dreams and reality.’

Did the internet turn Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier into sociopaths? 

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Slender Man myth leads to 12 year olds stabbing classmate to prove it’s real. 

The revelation comes as William Weir’s sister, Anissa, and her friend Morgan Geyser, both 12, both now face the prospect of 65 years behind bars each after luring a fellow friend and classmate to a woodland area in their home town of Waukesha, Wisconsin and stabbing her 19 times before leaving her to die.

The girls would  tell police they committed the stabbing because they wanted to impress a ghoulish fantasy character called Slender Man, who they had become obsessed with after reading a string of scary stories online.

In an exclusive with the UK’s dailymail, William Weier gives an expose into what he admits is the troubled mind of his younger sister.

Telling the dailymail, William states he was fully aware of his sister’s interest in the mythical figure – which she first discovered on ghost story website, Creepypasta – along with knowing that she loved watching online videos about him.

Reiterated the elder brother:  ‘If you looked at my younger sister you’d see a normal happy 12-year-old. She’s just got a couple of weird interests. Personally I think she found Slender Man on YouTube, took an interest and then read up on it.

‘She loved CreepyPasta, she loved the Slender Man stories, just anything a bit creepy. But I don’t see why it changed from dream to reality.

‘She was very quiet, she kept to herself, but she was happy-go-lucky, so this is completely out of the blue.

‘I know she understood what she was doing because she is very intelligent, to the point where by she lacks common sense.

‘But she is only a little girl so I don’t think she understood the ramifications of what she was doing.’

 William Weir

Adding: ‘I know all about Slender Man. He surfaced a few years ago and the internet just seized hold of it and everyone started writing these Creepypasta stories.

‘It’s all just urban legends and Slender Man has become one of the biggest ones. Several people have made internet movies about him and there are online games as well.

‘My sister never played the games, but she liked watching the videos.

‘It’s been very shocking for our family, but what  can we do?

‘My stepmother and my father have not been talking about this. My dad has been relatively Stoney faces.

‘This was out of character for my sister. I just wish she had enough common sense to tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t.

‘Obviously something on the internet as blown up as Slender Man is not going to be real, they are just legends.

‘I’m shocked like anybody would be if it was their little sister. It does happen, but when it does it’s a surprise to everybody.’

 William Weir

Despite his sister’s love of scary films and stories, the brother insists there were no red flags or indications that she would take her obsession to such a violent extreme.

Reveals the brother: ‘This was out of character for my sister. She was relatively quiet, she didn’t talk about anything she did at school.

‘As far as I knew she just liked being scared. She has dug herself a hell of a hole with this. If she gets out, she will be on lockdown.’

William Weier would reveal that he only just moved back into the family home, just a few hundred yards from the scene of Saturday’s shocking attack.

Incidentally during the interview it would be revealed that William Weier works as a make-up artists for a local variety show called, ‘Dead Man’s Carnival.’

Could it really be possible  a young girl and her friend were who had become consumed with the mythology of the Slender Man myth were no longer able to differentiate? And if so how did that all come to pass? How is that they were not able to draw lines as to what was transgressive behavior and reality and was it a situation of hearing stories about the Slender man told over and over in the first person as in memes, documentaries and story telling that they had come to accept it all for reality, or at the very least willed it? But if so, then why attempt to kill their fellow classmate and why had she been the one targeted, unless of course the crime had simply come to take place under the guise of the myth….whilst all awhile the two girls were indeed very well aware of what they were doing….

And then there was this comment by a reader that made me wonder as well:

Okay, here are some potential red flags: 1. she never talked about school. Even if my son didn’t want to talk about school, I always questioned him about how his day went. 2. The kid in the weird, Jokeresque makeup. I’m not sure if it’s her or her brother but it’s creepy. 3. Her brother’s job, working for a local variety show, called “Dead Man’s Carnival.” What is the theme that keeps emerging from both families – an obsessive fascination with death. In the other girl’s case, it sounds like it started from her parents and trickled down to her. I think that both families were unhealthily attached to some pretty dark and powerful ideas or fiction and that their kids were unduly influenced by the other family members. It’s rather obvious that they got the obsession from SOMEwhere…connect the dots, please.

 William Weir
William Weir


  1. The teenage years are the most vulnerable and dangerous. It’s a miracle that the child they stabbed lived. Parents who have authority problems or were bullied tend to encourage ant-social behavior in their kids. These parents obviously were clueless. I feel bad for them, but they encouraged and rewarded their children for anti-social and psychotic behavior? When will the American parent grow up and realize that parenting is not about sharing adult pastimes with their children, then this country will stop its slide into inhumanity.

  2. poor girls. After all, they’re only children.Right?
    They wanted to kill someone and it was fun trying. right again?
    Ahhh, just child’s play…so why did they go to the woods to try and hide the event?
    Why did the initial plan include taping the victims mouth? Maybe because they knew that something was just a little bit wrong with the idea of hurting another?

    But, yes, such children don’t know right from wrong.
    They make detailed plans in secret but can’t distinguish fantasy from reality?

    Let them go. It was just a fun game…they wont do it again if they promise?

  3. I’ve seen baby onesies with skulls on them. Being goth in high school might be fun and harmless but people need to act like adults after they have children.

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