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Oh really? NYC socialite Hannah Bronfman wants to shop her life into a Hollywood film.



Hannah Bronfman
Hannah Bronfman is also a preferred hawt bixch…

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NYC socialite Hannah Bronfman and general young rich girl who has it made has according to page 6 whispered that she’s in the mood to have her life made into a Hollywood movie.

Naturally since Hannah Bronfman and her elk live a tinsel like existence why not go about and share the good shit with the masses who can finally see for themselves what they can never have access to.

Tells Hannah, heiress and dj (why not?) and daughter to money bags Edgar Bronfman to page 6:

….shopping a scripted project around Hollywood loosely based on her life as a “twentysomething fashion-forward but down-to-earth It girl” (whatever that means).

Of course the ‘whatever that means’ part is the part that made my pony slippers (made out of fine fake leopard Hannah) skid off my velvet feet and into utter abandonment. I know, who could have thought page 6 could be sarcastic and whimsical like all its readers…?

Page 6 go on to inform us (yes any pr is fab pr) that Hannah Bronfman, is a New York society fixture who recently launched a last-minute salon bookings app, Beautified,  and whilst nonchalantly gallivanting about was overheard telling friends at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood event this past Friday night in Los Angeles about the meetings. Really? Overhead or pleaded via a series of phone calls?

I know I am in a shitty mood today kids. I have yet to have anyone take me on my offer as a ‘gilded tabloid writer who gets to hobnob amongst the jet wet.’ 

Never mind. Shouldn’t you be living an idol magnificent existence like Hannah too?

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