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Sugar daddy billboard ad causes outrage. Need a summer job?


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Pissing off residents in the town of Birmingham, Alabama is a billboard ad courtesy of arrangements.com who are tooting the idea that the high preponderance of young college women in the area apply to their site (ie date a sugar daddy) to earn extra income.

Highly vocal against the ad, is Alexa James who works with an anti-human trafficking group, Wellhouse who has gone on tell that she wants the arrangements.com billboard taken down because it targets young people and human trafficking is an issue in the area.

Arrangements.com officials say the service is an online dating site the facilitates mutually beneficial arrangements. Men pay a monthly fee to communicate with women using the site. The site has long been held to be a soft form of tacit prostitution.

Officials say membership in the Birmingham area increased in May. An analytics team found that the average age of women joining the site from the area is 22, leading the company to market itself to young women.

The company doesn’t plan to take the billboard down. Can anyone guess why?